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Hey Hermanites, FREE 1 Month Silver Membership!

I decided to do something a bit different this week and give away a FREE 1 month SILVER membership to my website.

All you have to do is click on the logo after the jump and share the wonderful gift of fitness with your friends and family.

The contest runs until June 1st!  Enjoy!

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Tuesday Tune Up: Volcano Legs! Increase MUSCLE & STRENGTH! (VIDEO)

2012-5-22 Volcano Legs! Increase MUSCLE & STRENGTH!

If you have been looking for the ULTIMATE Strength & Muscle gain routine then you have found it!  This routine is going to hit your legs so hard they are going to feel like they are going to EXPLODE!  By hitting both low & high rep ranges we will be stimulating growth by increasing the sarcoplasmic volume of the muscle cells and creating more contractile proteins within the muscle fibers.  Spare NO REPS Hermanites, hit it until it hurts!

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THIS IS NOT A WORKOUT! So don’t treat it like one!  The more muscle you can activate before a lift, the stronger you will be!  But remember, this is a warm-up, and if done properly you will break through some of you current plateaus in no time!

This warm-up is designed to get you ready for a great workout for AT HOME, OUTSIDE or at the GYM.

Get more… Fitness Ask Scott and Sean Episode 18 [video]

It’s time for another Q&A with‘s resident fitness guru, Scott Herman.

Watch the video and see what Scott and Sean are tackling this week. There’s also a list of the questions below the video.

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Tune Up Tips: Ask Scott & Sean Episode 17




Ask your questions here!

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