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MCM Elyes Gabel of CBS’ Scorpion


MCM Elyes Gabel

This week at, our Man Crush Monday is on British actor Elyes Gabel.  He currently stars as Walter O’Brien in Scorpion on CBS where his character’s intelligence is sexier than any picture ever could be.  If you haven’t caught an episode of Scorpion yet, you can check out the TV review on CBS hit.

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SNL introduces Swiftamine [video]

SNL introduces Swiftamine for Taylor Swift lovers

We’ll heard of Dramamine for when you get motion sickness, but what happens when you start feeling out of balance for jamming to a song you suddenly love just to find out that it was Taylor Swift?

On this weekend’s episode of SNL, the introduce the public to a way to curb symptoms that occur when realize you’re one of those people who actually like Taylor Swift’s movie.  Check out the video below for Swiftamine.

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Neil Patrick Harris’ family is Halloween perfection

Neil Patrick Harris and family on Halloween

Neil Patrick Harris’ family take Halloween pretty seriously!  Each year, Harris, his husband David Burtka and their adorable kids Gideon and Harper pull together some of the most witty Halloween costumes.  This year, might have made been the most popular.

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Norman Reedus’ true thoughts on The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon being gay

what norman reedus thinks of daryl dixon being gay

Rumors rolling through the tabloids this week are that Norman Reedus doesn’t want his character on The Walking Dead to be gay, but he says that simply isn’t true. first reported in August that the story’s creators have said the idea of making Daryl Dixon a gay character has ‘been discussed.”

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MCM: Andrew J. West, The Walking Dead’s Gareth


Man Crush Monday Andrew J. West, Gareth on The Walking Dead

[Editor's Note: Ok, before you start firing off an e-mail, Facebook message, Tweet, carrier pigeon or smoke signal to tell me how sick and demented I am... don't, because I don't care.  Hee hee.]

Fans of The Walking Dead will know why I prefaced this week’s Man Crush Monday with that statement.  This week we here at are crushing on Andrew J. West best known as Gareth, the leader of the “Termites” on The Walking Dead.

[Editor's Note #2:  If you are not up-to-date on The Walking Dead this Man Crush Monday posting contains spoilers from Sunday night's episode.]

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