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Christopher’s Corner: An Interview with Larraine Bow


For a decade, Larraine Bow (Destin Velez) has been entertaining the world with the talent of illusion.   With her humor, creativity, witty hosting, fashion, beauty and forward thinking, many have deemed Larraine as the “The Kim Kardashian of Drag.”   She has hosted and performed in several drag events in Western Massachusetts and beyond, while having a warm and caring spirit.  

The “2012 Rainbow Tour” and the “Black Rain The Truth About Love Tour” are just a few landmarks in Larraine’s career. “Dragworld”, starring Larraine is due out in fall of 2014. “The Larraine Bow Show” is a web series focused on LGBT topics and stories .  Destin has christened Larraine with the title “The Queen of Talk.”   Currently Larraine is in the studio working on several music singles.

I recently sat down with Larraine to discuss what drives her, the LGBT community, RuPaul and much more! Get more…

Man crush Monday: Big Brother 16 Zach

Man crush Monday Big Brother 16 Zach Rance

It is Monday, so it’s time for a member of the staff to reveal another Man Crush!  This time we have picked Big Brother 16 houseguest Zach Rance.

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Big Brother 16 spoilers, weekly wrap

[Editor’s note: This report contains Big Brother 16 spoilers from Sunday night’s episode and from the live feeds from the Big Brother house.]

Big Brother 16 spoilers

A lot has happened since Thursday night’s Double Eviction Week in the Big Brother 16 house.  This Big Brother 16 spoilers report contains the results of the Heads of Household competition, the Battle of the Block of competition winners and some other Big Brother 16 spoilers from the live feeds from inside the house (including the winner of this week’s Power of Veto competition).

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Big Brother 16: Frankie’s secret is out

[Editor’s note:  This report contains spoilers about Big Brother 16, so only read if you want to know spoilers from the live feeds inside the Big Brother house.]

Big Brother 16 spoilers Frankie Grande's secret is out

Frankie Grande let his biggest secret out in the Big Brother house this week, and we’ve got the Big Brother 16 spoilers.  Keep reading to find out how the houseguests reacted when Frankie came clean.

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Big Brother 16 spoilers: Double Eviction

[Editor’s note: This report contains Big Brother 16 spoilers, so read with caution if you haven’t watched Thursday night’s episode yet.]

Big Brother 16 spoilers double eviction week

Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 16 could probably be called the most exciting show of the season.  The houseguests learned that it was double eviction week, and that two people would be leaving the house by the end of the hour.  Host Julie Chen also revealed that the two people evicted from the house this week will become the first two members of the nine person jury that will pick the winner of Big Brother 16.

We’ve got lots of Big Brother 16 spoilers including the two people evicted this week as well as some back stabbing and flip-flopping that took place at the last minute.

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