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2015 Celebrity Apprentice Winner

Celebrity Apprentice Winner 2015

After weeks of knocking off singers, athletes, television journalists, d-listers and Real Housewives; Donald Trump announced the 2015 winner of Celebrity Apprentice live from New York on Monday night.

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Lady Gaga is engaged!

Lady Gaga posted this picture Monday on her social networking pages announcing that she is officially engaged.

Lady Gaga Engaged, here's the ring.

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Man Crush Monday: Luke Grimes


Man Crush Monday Luke Grimes

This week‘s Man Crush Monday is on Fifty Shades of Grey and former True Bloods star Luke Grimes.  If you think his face is gorgeous wait until you see his body!

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The Walking Dead’s First Gay Man

[Editor’s note:  This article could contain spoilers about future characters on AMC’s The Walking Dead and story lines from The Walking Dead comics.]

The Walking Dead's first gay male character, Aaron.

Sunday night’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead left on a cliffhanger, but little did viewers know they got to meet the show’s first gay male character, Aaron (played by Ross Marquand).

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Anti-love Pop songs

Steve Sidewalk's Top 5 anti-love pop songs
On Wednesday, I offered up my five top love songs that have made their way onto the pop charts.  Now, here are my favorite anti–love pop songs for those of you aren’t feeling the love this week.  I’ve included some of my favorite verses or a quote from each song.  Check them out below:

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