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Q&A with Blue Bailey, life after porn

Recently we observed a discourse between Blue Bailey, an iconic young adult entertainer and an angry individual via his Facebook page. The person basically began cyber bullying Blue about his career in porn and his HIV status – we wont go into the details because the sentiments were being reprehensible however we admired how he handled the discourse.

This coupled with his announcement that he would be retiring from porn to pursue law prompted us to reach out to him for an interview.

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Report: Multiple errors led to Joan Rivers’ death

Report errors led to Joan Rivers' death

A report issued on Monday shows that the Upper East Side Medical Clinic that was performing a procedure on Joan Rivers that led to the star’s death was full of discrepancies.

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MCM: Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans


Man Crush Monday Zak Bagans.

This week at, our man crush is on Ghost Adventures’ Zak Bagans.  We’ve got more information and, of course, more photos of our Man Crush Monday below.

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Opera Review: “Die Zauberflöte”

The Magic Flute

This production of Mozart’s Masonic fairy tale Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) is truly spectacular – then again, the director is the visionary Julie Taymor who can do “spectacular” in her sleep. Mark Dendy’s choreography brings some real sexiness to the proceedings, and the singers in this Metropolitan Opera production are quite wonderful (more about a couple of them in a minute). And Mozart is without a doubt one of the best opera composers of all time. So why did I find this production oddly deflating?

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Jonathan Warman to direct NAFTA comedy “Quit the Road, Jack”


In March 2015, Gay Socialites contributor Jonathan Warman will be directing Jerry Polner’s new comedy Quit the Road, Jack. It’s a comedy about NAFTA! But it’s actually about a divorced and miserable couple of burnt-out ex-musicians whose 16-year-old son runs away from home. Somehow, the son gets involved in the immigrant worker rights movement. He sends cryptic notes back to his parents, telling them what losers they are and giving them just enough information to make them think they can find him. Mom and Dad can’t stomach each other, but neither trusts the other one to find Jack, and so they’re forced to travel across North America together in search of their son.

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