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Melissa Etheridge on ‘Larry King Now’ [video]

Melissa Etheridge Larry King Now

Openly gay music icon Melissa Etheridge recently say down with Larry King on his Emmy nominated series Larry King Now where the two talked about an array of issues from the music industry to legalizing marijuana.  You can watch video of the entire interview below.

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Renee Zellweger’s new look

renee zellweger's new look

Actress Renee Zellweger is finally speaking out about her new look after everyone seems to be talking about the fact that the 45-year-old agrees has had a little work done.

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Lisa Kudrow: ‘gay men are superior beings’

Lisa Kudrow The Comeback: Gay Men are super beings

It’s been more than a decade since Lisa Kudrow initially starred in the television show The Comeback, and now HBO is brining back the sitcom about D-lister Valerie Cherish.

Clearly, Lisa Kudrow knows it was gay men who led the fight for the comeback of The Comeback.  In a recent interview with, Kudrow even referred to gay men as superior beings.

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Julian Michaels opens up about being gay

Jillian Michaels not comfortable with the "gay thing"

Jillian Michaels is finally starting to talk a little bit more about being gay, but she admits she isn’t too comfortable with the “gay thing.”

In a recent interview with Health Magazine, Michaels sat down to talk about how she stays fit and her life after leaving The Biggest Loser However, the topic of her sexual orientation couldn’t be avoided.

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Francesca G. Isn’t Just About the Clothes

Francesca Giamnbona more than just fashion.

Guest contribution by Joseph A. Federico

Francesca G., owner and founder of LovLes by Francesca – a funky fashion and accessory line – came from humble beginnings, and where she got to today was by her very own doing. Persistence and determination were key.

Francesca originally worked in Real Estate, but she just knew she wanted to do something more creative and lucrative. In 2009, recording artist, Vice Versa, had approached Francesca to write a song. You see, she had always wanted to become a singer, so this was the perfect opportunity for her. She was a bit apprehensive at first, but she went through with Versa’s request.

Shortly after, she was introduced to a producer named Eddie; they started recording a mix tape in Jersey City, called “White Noise.” It was a hip hop album and originally released on Myspace. Francesca was ready to take on more musical responsibility.

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