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Big Brother 16: Tuesday eviction, HoH recap

Big Brother 16 Tuesday night eviction recap


On Tuesday night, CBS aired a special pre-recorded Big Brother 16 eviction episode. reported the results early Tuesday after the eviction took place on Monday night, but we’ve got the full details in this recap.

[Editor’s note:  If you have not watched Tuesday’s Big Brother 16 Tuesday eviction episode, this report contains Big Brother spoilers.]

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Big Brother America’s Favorite Houseguest Vote

[Editor’s note: This article may contain Big Brother spoilers.]

Big Brother America's Favorite Player

Big Brother 16 is down to just a few more episodes on CBS, and the final four houseguests are in place. One of the remaining four will take home the $500,000 grand prize, and another will take take second place winning $50,000. A third houseguest will also get a big chunk of change, and you get to help pick who takes home that $25,000.

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Big Brother spoilers: Was Frankie evicted?

[Editor’s note: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.]

Big Brother spoilers: Was Frankie Grande evicted?

On Monday night another houseguest was evicted from the Big Brother 16 house, but the episode won’t air until Tuesday night on CBS.   The feeds from inside the Big Brother house are down, but we’ve got the Big Brother spoilers you want.  Was Frankie Grande evicted from Big Brother 16 this week?

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Theatre Review: “Mighty Real”

Mighty Real

This show takes electrifying flight When Anthony Wayne is singing, channeling “The Queen of Disco” Sylvester. And since there is more singing than talking in this show, Mighty Real spends most of its time soaring through disco heaven.

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TV Review: The View Season 18 begins


TV Review: The View Season 18 begins

The View returned to ABC on Monday for the 18th Season with a new group of co-hosts, a new studio and new look.   Whoopi Goldberg, who first joined The View in 2007, was the only returning co-host from last season.  Rosie O’Donnell re-joined the show after leaving the moderator’s seat just before Whoopi stepped in.   The View also has two new faces as actress Rosie Perez and Republican political advisor Nicolle Wallace join the team.

The first episode of season 18 was a bit more subdued that the media had predicted it would be.  Most of the show was spent introducing the new co-hosts as veterans Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg seemed to spend time feeling out the chemistry around the new table.

The headline will probably be “The View Season 18 begins without a bang,” but as someone who has always loved The View… I’m going to dissect the first episode a little with my thoughts on what we saw on day one.

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