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Theatre Review: “Side Show”

Side Show

This rarely happens with musicals, but the reason to see this impeccably staged show is the director: Bill Condon, the man who arguably did the most to revive the movie musical with his script for Chicago (2002) and his script and direction of Dreamgirls (2006) (while also writing and directing such queer-themed films as Gods and Monsters and Kinsey). His love of musical theater is obvious, so it was probably only a matter of time before he entered the Broadway arena. With Side Show Condon successfully translates his storytelling magic to the stage.

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Does turkey make you tired?



Things that make you go hmmm.... does turkey make you sleepy?


Taking a long nap after a big Thanksgiving meal seems to be just as much of a tradition as turkey, cranberry sauce? and football games.  So is there really something in our thanksgiving meal that makes you tired or is it just one of those things that make you go hmmm?

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MCM Chris Hemsworth


mcm chris hemsworth sexiest man alive

By now, we’ve probably all seen the latest cover of PEOPLE Magazine where they announced that Chris Hemsworth is 2014 Sexiest Man Alive.  We can’t argue much!   Hemsworth is this week’s Man Crush Monday, and if you think he looks good on the cover of PEOPLE… check out these shirtless picks below:

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Gay singers in country music [video]

ty herndon gay country singers ricky skaggs

Two country singers recently came out of the closet and admitted they are gay men, and now the country music world is starting to respond.  TMZ caught up with country veteran Ricky Skaggs who says gay country singers are welcomed, because “we’re all sinners.”

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Theatre Review: “The Passion of the Crawford”

Joan 0035

In this riveting evening of lip-synch, there’s a lot of people up on that stage, even though there’s only two bodies. John Epperson lip-synchs an interview Joan Crawford gave in 1973 in New York’s Town Hall. Or is it Epperson as his drag persona Lypsinka as Crawford?

Not to mention that some of the additional audio is Faye Dunaway portraying Crawford in Mommie Dearest, and some other cues are extracted from films where Crawford is portraying yet another “somebody else.” And then there’s the interviewer, lip-synched in most performances by Steve Cuiffo (Hairspray lyricist and generally brilliant man of the theatre Scott Wittman will perform the role November 18 through December 1).

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