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Underground Thursday: "Inside World" by WhoMadeWho

Great song from Scandanavian indie provocateurs WhoMadeWho, with a sharply satirical video (after the jump).

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Dylan’s Crystal Ball: The race against time

Although I write more about how fabulous my party boy lifestyle is than not, I do find myself struggling from time to time.  One of my biggest downfalls is my what I call “The Race Against Time”.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t ever seem to catch up. It’s like: the electricity bill is due on the 20th, and the next thing you know I’m sitting in the dark.  Payday is on the 15th, and I’m out of money on the 10th. My cousin is coming to town on the 2nd, and there I am getting fucked on the floor when she opens the door.

That’s how my family discovered my party-and-play lifestyle.

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PROFESSIONAL SEXIN’: A Look into the Life of a High-Class Gay Escort

One of my favorite parts about the work I do is getting to watch people who are already amazing become even better in their lives and careers. I remember a client I had a few years ago who has gone on to do some really great stuff in the public sector. And it’s fun for me to get to say “I knew him back when!”

It was an unusual bit of serendipity that brought us together back then. I was still with the agency (was just starting out, in fact) and the director asked me if I would be interested in traveling for a client in Chicago. I’d been to Chicago in the past and told him I was comfortable doing it if he would make the arrangements.

It’s a peculiar circumstance to find yourself on an airplane on your way to meet a person with whom you know nothing about, have never spoken to, and may never see again.  I was nervous, but I felt like I was hiding it well. All I had been told was that it was someone for whom discretion was of the highest importance. I couldn’t talk about it with my friends or family or other clients. No one. It would only be for one night, and I would fly back to NYC the next day.

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Dylan's Crystal Ball: There's only one man who can tell our futures

It has been a wild ride over the past few months, and I have done a lot of things I thought I would never do. Many of which I am completely ashamed to say I did. So recently, I decided to do something I haven’t done since I was a young child. I went to church.

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Dylan’s Crystal Ball: I should have seen this one coming

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of change from me. I’ve gone from being the druggy-slut to dating the drug dealer, and now I’m a married man. It’s been great, but I guess I should have expected that all good things must come to end. Thankfully, I have this as an outlet to express my feelings and share both my good and bad times.

Last week, I got married following an unexpected proposal from Anthony. Not only is he the drug dealer, but he is also physically perfect and could charm the robe off the pope—and probably has.

Following our wedding in the park, we went back to the apartment where he once again carried me across the threshold. The same as he did the first day I brought him home. As he lifted me up, things started to move in slow motion as the past month flashed before my eyes.  And little did I know that I would have the whole afternoon and evening to sit around thinking. That’s because Anthony plopped me down on the couch then informed me that he had drug runs to make.  However, he surprised me by saying we would be leaving for our honeymoon later that night.

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