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Gay Pride 2014 at a glance [photos]

Gay Pride 2014 photo wrap up

These are some of the photos that GaySocialites shared with us from this weekend as cities all over the globe celebrated gay pride 2014.   No matter what city you were in, everyone seemed to be having a gay ole time!

Here are the highlights [and photo descriptions/ credits]:

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Monster Pursuit: Hunt for a Go-Go Super Star Winner!

Hector de la Cruz is the 1st winner of “Monster Pursuit: Hunt for a Go-Go Super Star!”

Monster Pursuit Winner

What is Monster Pursuit you ask?

Monster Pursuit is a new competition where  go-go boys or go-go boy wannabe’s go head to head battling it out for a $ prize along with other prize’s in addition winner is inducted into an elite group known as the MonsterBoyz.

Our first winner Hector is 24 years old New Orleans native! Hector has a good head on his shoulders and embodies the well known saying ‘Dynamite comes in small packages!’

Check out my interview with Hector de la Cruz below.

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Monster Pursuit: Hunt for a Go-Go Super Star Event Photos!

Monster Pursuit Event Pictures


We might have fucked once before can’t quite recall…

…he ate my heart and then he ate my brain!”

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Cookie’s Monster Pursuit: Hunt for a Go Go Superstar!

New Orleans Southern Decadence Go Go Boy Star Search

Calling All Monsters!

Michael Cookmeyer, Pablo Hernandez and myself ( Joshua Sean) would like to invite you to join us in the capital of debauchery where the boys are served up Cajun style… ready, able, and willing to do anything for a few bucks!

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Last night with DexStar G / 7.18

Capturing last night one click at a time

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