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Joe Biden starts his bid for President

Joe Biden is running for President

Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t seem to be trying too hard to keep his intentions of running for President in 2016 a secret, but it won’t be an easy run especially since he’s starting his bid four years too early and his own flaws aren’t even his biggest obstacle.
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New & Underground: “Judge Jury and Executioner” by Atoms for Peace


More arty electro-goodness from Thom Yorke, Flea and Nigel Goodrich. Video after the jump.

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Kenyatta Khan: I’m Just Saying

I'm Just SayingOh where to begin? Well I guess it only makes sense to tell you everything from the start.

So as you all know I’m from South Carolina, but what most of you probably didn’t know is that the South really isn’t what New Yorkers believe it to be. The people there are indeed very nice, friendly and well mannered. They can also be conniving, sneaky and malicious; but that’s only if you get on their bad side. I often find it difficult to describe myself when asked to do so, because just like everyone, there are many different layers to me. I will, however, admit that I often show everyone a side of me that is honest, forthright, caring and fun. On the other hand, I have a side that tends to be a sensitive, quiet, thinker who is suspicious and scared of almost everything and everyone. I’m the most anti-social socialite there is. Truly, I prefer to be alone, but that’s my depressed side. I try not to let that get the best of me. It’s just that lately my life could best be described as… chaotic… insane… stressful. I’ve had so much going on lately, that even to this day I’m still trying to figure everything out. It’s as if my entire world has been turned upside down, and I don’t know how to land back on my feet properly.

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New & Underground: “Despair” by Esben and the Witch


Great new track from British ethereal wave band Esben & the Witch. Extra points for a pas de deux straight out of Scruff. Video after the jump.

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Theatre Review: “Camille”


“Ridiculous theatre”, a tradition of queer theatre born in New York in the 1960s, has its own particular acting style that mixes high camp, high energy, maniacal precision and an almost supernatural conviction. Director John V. N. Philip’s entertaining revival of Camille by Charles Ludlam – Ridiculous theatre’s most accomplished playwright – succeeds best when the actors involved have a command of that vivid, kaleidoscopic acting style.

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