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Loving Your Body

I think everyone can attest to the fact that it’s a lot easier to say “love your body” than to actually love your own body. We all have our insecurities, and it’s extremely difficult to just leave them at the door. I can get on a soapbox and say how beauty is just a perception that men have created to oppress women and blah blah blah, but that’s not gonna solve anything or make women feel any better about themselves. Honestly, it irritates me when people say that kinda thing. It’s a fact that we all want to conform to societal standards and not be the weirdo, and part of that is the desire to be pretty. We all want to be accepted. God bless the minority of women who have gotten to the point where they could care less how they look, but most of us haven’t gotten to that level yet.

At the end of the day, I just think that we should all feel comfortable in our bodies, and not judge others for how they look. If Sarah is a size 24 and wants to lose weight, then she has my blessing; if Rebecca is a size 24 who loves how she looks, good for her too. Sarah and Rebecca shouldn’t criticize each other’s choices regarding weight, and it’s nobody else’s business, either.

I have a younger friend whose build will never allow her to look like a runway model, but she’s far from fat. There have been a number of occasions where people have said to her (in my hearing, no less) “Oh, you have such a pretty face,” or even flat-out “You’d be so pretty if you were thin.” I have another younger friend who is also not thin, and she’s told me about some of the things that girls and boys have said to her to mock her weight. She tries really hard not to let it bother her, and I think she does succeed. It still really drives me crazy that people feel that they can say whatever they want to impressionable little girls like my two friends, and I really want to give it to them. Like, it’s none of your business what she looks like! Do you want her to feel like garbage because of how she looks? If she’s okay with it, then let her live. If she’s not okay with it, then she’ll diet or exercise on her own – she doesn’t need motivation from you.

I know that these catty people say things like that to my friends to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities. “Well, my [insert body part here] might be horrendous, but at least I’m not fat like her.” Sometimes it’s honestly well-intentioned, albeit completely tactless. It’s these nasty comments are the kinds of things we never forget, that plague us for the rest of our lives. We need to be vigilant against saying mean things about others’ bodies, especially by accident.

My mother has influenced me a lot in this sense. She’s lost more than 100 pounds, and maintained it over a period of several years. Because of her, I know how icky someone can feel because of their body weight. I just wish everyone had that sort of influence in their life.

Daily Dapper: Int'l Ms. Leather Invades The Eagle

I may not be into leather daddies and bears but you can be sure that I’ll crawl out to any event to support the subculture. Last night saw International Ms. Leather take over the rooftop at The Eagle for Leather & Lace. Throwing a black harness on over my white collared shirt I was sure of what was to follow as I’ve attended a few leather (and piss pig) events there prior. A special note should be taken when talking about the community. On the surface, many involved in the leather and bear culture are usually weary of outsiders but all of this normally leads up to them welcoming you with open arms.
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Daily Dapper: RuPaul, Where Do You Get Your "Man" Clothes?

I’ll fess up to it. My new obsession at the current moment is RuPaul‘s fashion choices as a “man” rather than being dressed as the fearless betch we know her to be. For decades I’ve seen constant photos and video of this deadly creature but none have completely made my eyes widen until I sat down last night to watch an episode of RuPaul’s Drag U with two friends. That mother fucker was owning was she wore; a jet black satin-esque suit with subtle medium-thick vertical straight lines throughout. I was captivated and reminded of how well dressed this business savvy queen is out of drag.
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Cabaret Review: Rebecca Kilgore

In her legendary April 23, 1961 Carnegie Hall concert, after belting the very torchy “Alone Together”, Judy Garland told the audience, “You know, I’m always known – if I’m known at all – I’m known for singing very sad, tragic, songs…or just HUUAAAAHH!! Marches and holiday songs!! But, you know, I like to sing in-between sometimes. I do like to sing jazz and they wont let me. I don’t know who they are, but they won’t let me.” And she proceeds to have a nine-man combo come out of the orchestra and accompany her for a set of jazzier numbers.

In their new cabaret act at Feinstein’s Rebecca Kilgore and the Harry Allen Quartet don’t explicitly imitate that singular moment in Garland’s career. Rather they look at her entire career, from vaudeville (“You Made Me Love You”) through television (“The Sweetest Sounds”) from a jazzy point of view. They succeed best with obscurities from her early film career, such as “The Jitterbug” – cut from The Wizard of Oz – and “The Joint is Really Jumping Down At Carnegie Hall”.

Kilgore and Allen are both fine, tasteful interpreters – Kilgore gives the original melody full play before swinging it every so gently, and Allen’s complex improvisations exude a cool, classic jazz vibe reminiscent of Lester Young or Zoot Sims. Allen’s arrangements include some clever details, such as inserting a bit of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Águas de Marco” into Harry Warren’s “Friendly Star”.

If I were to fault them, it would be for being almost too tasteful, rendering some of their interpretations merely polite. But, ever tasteful, they never descend into true dullness, and Kilgore and Allen are both capable of catching fire (they do in “The Man That Got Away”, thank goodness) – I just wish that happened more often.

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For more reviews and interviews by Jonathan Warman, see his blog Drama Queen.

Daily Dapper: G Lounge's 'FREAK' Brings Out Mixed Crowd

Photo by Victor Padilla

Originally thinking I was going against my better judgment last night turned into quite a surprise as I met a friend once he got off work to catch up with each other. He decided we were to meet at G Lounge which I haven’t been to in almost a year. Upon entering the bar I noticed that the place was packed but not to a point of it being uncomfortable and it was mixed up as far as certain types of people. Tonight was the weekly Freak party where I found Jay Roth and two other well-built guys shaking their asses on the bar for the eager audience surrounding them.
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