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Daily Dapper: Stop With All the Gay Bashing Already, Homos

Time and time again I come across something that truly disgusts and horrifies me. No, it’s not the smell of the bathrooms at Eastern Bloc but the blatant drunken, and sometimes sober, arguments gays get into over anything and everything. It could be over clothes, hair styles, boyfriends, lovers, musical taste… anything. What I don’t seem to understand is that, while the Stonewall Riots were a major factor in bringing the subculture together and uniting it as a whole (no matter what your LGBT lifestyle may be), why must we now more than ever be so divided on such minor issues?
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Daily Dapper: Gio Black Peter's Super Bisexuals Returns With A Vengeance

While on the run ever since Blackout Bar in Brooklyn closed up shop after numerous “violations,” Gio Black Peter’s Super Bisexuals of the sick, twisted and downright sexy has put up shop in Sugarland Wednesday nights as shows no signs of slowing down. For starters, anyone who attended Peter’s party at Blackout knows just how off the wall it can get and some things never change.
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Daily Dapper: Ladyfag's New Party Not A Surprise!

Feeling the itch to try something new this past Sunday night, I excitedly decided to head to Manhattan along with Isis Vermouth to check out Ladyfag’s new party, Surprise!, at Gunbar at 55 Gansevoort. Arriving shortly after one, I realized I hadn’t stepped foot in this building for almost a year since Tommy Hottpants had a gig here and was thrilled to see what was new with the place. Paying the $5 cover, we headed inside to the dark, dank dungeon of a party house.

Taking a quick peek around proved that nothing had really changed except for the fact that the drinks got more expensive ($10-13 a pop). Our DJs that evening were Nita Aviance and Jools Palmer who did quite the job in distracting me from just how lacking the event was. Normally flocking to a new event where I barely know anyone, I discovered that Surprise! was just more rehashed NYC nightlife and not even in a new location to boot. The creativity and originality of the party was lacking entirely.

The crowd did pay off though as guys and girls (straight and gay) mingled on the dance floor and we even had the chance to run into Milan who is always such a sweetheart when talking to anyone. Would I visit again? Sure, just kick it up a notch or two… or ten.

Politiqueer: Would Hillary Clinton make a better president?

Would HIllary Clinton make a better president than Obama and Romney?

Hillary Clinton continues to earn respect, and she continues to dominate political headlines although she isn’t a candidate for President this year.

The two questions that may never be answered, however, are:

  1. Would Hillary make a better President that either of the top two candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney?
  2. Is dropping Joe Biden for Hillary Clinton, the best chance that Obama has to win re-election?

Brent Budowsky, who writes for The Hill, has his own opinion.

“Hillary Rodham Clinton has earned her iconic stature. She should be chosen to run as vice president by President Obama, and if he so chooses, they win a landslide. I hope she runs for president in 2016 and urge Hillary admirers to begin a Draft Hillary in 2016 movement once the 2012 election has ended.”

While I agree that we should definitely start working on Hillary’s bid for the White House immediately following the 2012 election, I think she’s very over qualified to be Vice-President.

Cabaret Review: Jenifer Lewis

Fucking brilliant! Magnificent! Girl got chops! And those are just the reviews diva Jenifer Lewis claims to have received from Lena Horne, Sidney Poitier and Aretha Franklin. Being the modest soul she is, Lewis doesn’t contradict them – and neither will I! As I’ve been reporting, the recently opened 54 Below has had a steady stream of legendary cabaret acts from downtown “superstars” and Broadway veterans, and Lewis’s may just be the hottest one yet.

When I say that Jenifer Lewis is modest, I am being incredibly facetious – she opens the act with a roaring number titled “Look at Me” and only gets bigger from there. That opening number, like several others throughout the act, was written by Hairspray and “Smash” composer Marc Shaiman, who is also at the piano (and is also in the middle of writing songs for the second season of “Smash” – where does he find the time)!

Lewis has been away from the New York cabaret scene for over 20 years, but you wouldn’t know it from this hilarious and pyrotechnic act. Lewis bravely talks about her past struggles with bipolar disorder, to the tune of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”, and also spends a fair amount of time just basking in the pure joys of being a singing sensation, in Shaiman-penned tunes such as “Sang Bitch” and “The 11 O’Clock Number”.

But the songs are almost secondary to her fire-breathing, thrillingly spontaneous patter. Lewis is a diva and a half, a force of nature, with an enormous, booming voice, and a wicked, almost terrifying sense of humor. She’s also capable of burrowing into a ballad – I’ve never heard anyone tell the story of cabaret standard “Here’s to Life” with such touching clarity. Jenifer’s back! And not to be missed!

For tickets, click here.

For more reviews and interviews by Jonathan Warman, see his blog Drama Queen. 

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