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Charles On… New York City’s race for Mayor

Charles On the NYC Mayor's Race

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what my thoughts are on Tuesday night’s primary results in the New York City Mayor’s Race.  It’s no secret that my support was with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. even endorsed her in the Democratic Primary. So, needless to say, I was disappointed to see Quinn finish in third place.

Although disappointed that Chris won’t be elected Mayor this November, I am proud of the campaign she ran.  At one point, she was the front-runner and poised to become New York City’s first openly gay and first female Mayor.  We won’t get to see either of those qualities in the next Mayor, but I have to commend the Quinn campaign for all they added to the race.  I hope her success paves the path for other openly gay candidates and for other women to seek the city’s highest office in future races.  I didn’t support Chris just because she is gay.  Her platform and achievements aligned more closely with my ideas and vision for the city than any of the others did.  I also admire her track record.  She may have gotten a bad wrap for being to tied to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but I saw a different relationship.  I saw one that worked well by not always taking their problems to the media instead allowing the courts to solve major disputes.   I hope the next Mayor and the next Speaker of the City Council will uphold that same type of integrity.  Having said that, now I’m on the search for the candidate with the best vision for the city as I see it.

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Tuesday, September 10th is primary election day in New York City.  However, it seems to be more important for the Democrats who are running in the city-wide races than it does for their Republican counter parts.

That’s because if the right Democrat, like Chris Quinn, wins the primary for Mayor – they’re unbeatable in the General Election.  However, if the wrong Democrat, like Anthony Weiner or Bill deBlasio, wins the primary; they’ll likely face some stiff competition from their Republican contender.

There’s been so much attention put on the Democratic Primary for Comptroller that a Republican stands little-to-no chance of winning in the General Election.  When it comes to Public Advocate the Republicans aren’t running a candidate, so the winner of the Tuesday’s primary will sail into office.  And when it comes down to Manhattan Borough President, some of the Democratic contenders have done nothing but try and get name recognition (i.e. Julie Mennon) while others have proven track records, strong Democratic supporters and a plan to help the middle class regain their spot in New York City’s most well known borough (i.e. Jessica Lappin).

In case you’re still undecided in any of the aforementioned races, here’s a recap of which candidates has endorsed over the past few months.  We hope you’ll weigh the facts, but if you can’t seem to reach a decision by now, maybe our opinion can help sway you in the right direction.

These are the candidates we believe deserve to hold their respective offices this year, we hope you’ll agree and get out there and give them your vote this coming Tuesday, September 10th.

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LGBT for Quinn, Get Out the Vote Kick Off Event

LGBT for Quinn

Election day is just around the corner in New York City, and voters have a chance to elect the first female and first openly gay Mayor in Christine Quinn.  We just need to make sure the LGBT community comes out in large numbers, and you can help!

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The campaign for New York City Public Advocate has been largely overshadowed by the two other citywide races for mayor and comptroller. The latest polls reveal that more than half of  New York City voters remain undecided on the Public Advocate’s race. No doubt the headline-grabbing antics of disgraced politicians Anthony Weiner and Elliot Spitzer have stolen much of the campaign thunder this season. But it may well be the irrelevant role of the Public Advocate rather than the obscurity of the candidates that is to blame.

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Theatre Review: “First Date”

Theater-Krysta Rodriguez

At it’s best, this show is as funny and charming as a well written (if not particularly insightful) sitcom episode. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a snob, I actually mean that as a compliment, doing that style really well isn’t easy. At its worst, though, the show is borderline offensive, and not in a focused and edgy Sacha Baron Cohen way, just in a muddled, tacky and unimaginative way.

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