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New & Underground: “As Long As I Have You” by Alpaca Sports

alpaca sports

Lovely, jangly new indie pop single from Swedish group Alpaca Sports. Video after the jump.

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Theatre Review: “Picnic”



When I think of playwright William Inge I think of two things. I think of his hero worship of Tennessee Williams – I share it, but think that in some ways it limited Inge as a playwright. And I think of the gay Inge’s propensity for including well-built young men wearing as little as possible in his plays. And for that, Bill Inge, I am truly thankful.

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Theatre Review: “The Other Place”

The Other PlaceSamuel J. Friedman Theatre


This is a play about dementia. Some people might accuse me of “spoiling” with that statement, but theme trumps plot in The Other Place – what is said in this play is of infinitely greater importance than the way it is said, and I don’t think it hurts anything to announce the subject up front. Playwright Sharr Whitehas some truly thoughtful and insightful things to say about dementia, he’s not merely using it as a clever plot device. White is indeed a masterful craftsperson, but he’s put his craft in service of saying something intelligent and moving about the human condition, and that’s something more like art.

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New & Underground: “Kemosabe” by Everything Everything

Everything Everything

2013 is off to a great start with this barn-burner from Manchester, England art-rockers Everything Everything. Video after the jump.

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Cabaret Review: Marilyn Maye “By Request”

marilyn maye-popup


This is not to be missed – and the last show is next Wednesday, and the seats are selling fast! Ella Fitzgerald once called Marilyn Maye “the greatest white female singer in the world.” That’s no exaggeration; she may be the only singer alive who combines a great vocal instrument with interpretative flair and savoir faire equal to Ella’s own. There are younger singers who might posses more powerful voices but I can think of no other singer who possesses Maye’s combination of interpretive ability, rhythmic verve, and vocal range – at 84, her voice is the envy of singers 40 years her junior.

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