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So how was your 4th of July? had an impromptu wine tasting at the Midtown Offices, and things may have gotten a little out-of-hand…


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Happy Memorial Day! would like to take a moment to remember those service men and women who gave their lives to defend our freedom and way of life. Thank you for your bravery and commitment to the people of the United States.

Now, does anyone know of a good BBQ in the city?

Happy B'Day, BaBay!

The team wishes a very happy birthday to our resident Republican Conservative Contributor, and one Fearless Bitch, Shealita BaBay!

You definitely keep us, and everyone who dares to read your musings, on their toes–and we certainly wouldn’t have it any other way.


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The entire team at wishes our Associate Editor, Christopher Dellea, an absolutely perfect birthday! Thank you for all the work you do and what you contribute to our organization. You’re fantastical.

Now, you get five minutes to enjoy your cake, then it’s back to work for you, boy!


 The entire family at wishes our Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Editorial Director, and overall pain-in-our-ass Charles Winters a very, very happy 105th, 95th, 85th birthday!

We hope you have a brilliantly perfect day, boss!

(Aren’t you over the hill yet?)

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