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Kid Cudi speaks in favor of LGBT community, Billy Crystal not so much

by Sam Lake

Kid Cudi speaks out for LGBT community

Kid Cudi recently walked the carpet at the Sundance Film festival for his latest project, James White. It’s an indie flick that Hollywood Reporter describes as “a hard-hitting drama that takes an unflinchingly close-up look at a twenty-something New Yorker enduring his father’s death, his mother’s cancer and deep personal demons.”

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The Buzz: 2013 Glam Awards Special [VIDEO]

The Buzz: 2013 Glam Awards Special release date

This is the debut of‘s new talk show, The Buzz.  On this special edition Charles Winters, Jason Beck and Robbyne Kaamil take you behind the scenes of the 2013 Glam Awards, New York City’s longest running nightlife awards show.

Introducing The Buzz by

Get more… introduces ‘The Buzz’, a new online talk show introduces a new talk show, The Buzz is proud to announce our latest venture, a new online talk show called “The Buzz” coming this December covering topics of interest to the LGBT community and beyond.  We’re also excited to announce that our first episode will be a very special edition called “The Buzz: A Glam Awards Special.”  Move over Barbara Walters!

First let’s introduce “The Buzz” co-hosts:

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LGBT for Quinn, Get Out the Vote Kick Off Event

LGBT for Quinn

Election day is just around the corner in New York City, and voters have a chance to elect the first female and first openly gay Mayor in Christine Quinn.  We just need to make sure the LGBT community comes out in large numbers, and you can help!

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Daniel Nardicio's '10 Tips on How to Get a Hot Guy!'

Daniel Nardicio advices average guys on how to bag a hottie

Daniel Nardicio (r.) poses with one his many hotties in Fire Island at the Ice Palace in this photo which ran in Next Magazine the week of July 3, 2012 .

Guest Editorial by Daniel Nardicio

Let’s face it- men are visual. We work off visual clues and aspire to bed creatures with these visual clues. But most of us aren’t blessed genetically- in fact the opposite.

Many people have commented on why I am surrounded by so many good looking guys. Yes some of them are on my staff, (I JUST realized how sexual that sounds!) but I attract mos of theml because I’ve mastered the art of bagging hot guys.

I could make millions off these tips, but I’ve decided to give them FREE to you, my dear readers.

Here are 10 tips on how an average guy can get a hot guy:

  1. Never tell them how good looking they are. It’s boring, they probably already know, and you’d never go up to a rich person and say: “You have so much money!!” Instead be charming,  funny and approach them as if you are on their level.
  2.  If they used to be fat, glance occasionally at their mid section disapprovingly but NEVER say anything. (This is only a move to make if they are starting to give you attitude… And these are virtual gold mines! I firmly believe that bagging an ex-fat guy is the holy grail, because they are so appreciative in bed!)
  3. Keep all your fair weather friends away from them. (This is especially true on Fire Island). Girlfriend are girlfriends, but put some drinks in them and they’ll throw you overboard faster than you can say “Angelina Jolie!”
  4. Pretend he’s smart. Even if he’s not, just pretend he is (it’s easier). Plus i’ve learned throughout the years that smart guys often think they’re dumb, and sadly, dumb guys think they are smart.
  5. Treat him like a prince in bed. ’nuff said.
  6. Listen to him (this is a general rule all around.)
  7. Act interested in anything he finds interesting.
  8.  Don’t pay for anything! If you want a hooker, go to If you start by buying drinks and paying for things, you will quickly become “that guy” (a.k.a the cash cow).
  9. Repeat after me: “hot guys are like buses… wait 5 minutes and another one will come along.” Don’t be desperate. If a guy gives you the brush off, move on. If he’s rude (which happens in the Pines), then try this line: “why not lower your standards? I did!”  (Try to snap a pic of their face when you say this and send it to me!)
  10. If I’m heading into a shark tank (a room full of hot guys) I decide to, ummm, take matters into my own hands before I go. (In other words, don’t go there horny.) We’ve all made stupid decisions when revved up, and the best advice I can give you is: if you go into the shark tank with no agenda , you can work the room like a calm sexy self assured guy that you are.

Now take this invaluable advice you have been given and land your hot guy!

Daniel Nardicio iis an American radio personality, Nightlife promoter, entrepreneur, and creator of the social network, and has often been referred to by the media as the “Gay Howard Stern.”  You may also recognize him as the former Playgirl scout or as the promoter at the Ice Palace (a.k.a the man who brought Liza Minelli to Fire Island). You can reach him and find out more about Daniel’s world on his website.

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