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The Borowski Spin / Who knocked Minaj out?

We’re being hit with new albums left and right! Among the soon-to-arrive are the long-awaited follow-up releases from Leona Lewis and Calvin Harris, and we have those two projects’ next singles below. We also go deep into 80s Realness with re-imaginings of songs by Thompson Twins, Duran Duran, Shannon, Nu Shooz and Wang Chung (of all things). When it rains it pours! Speaking of rain, taking one quick detour from Dance music – we also wax rhapsodically on a jazzy new album and collective out of Brooklyn that absolutely must be heard.


“Trouble” – Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis’ first single off her upcoming third studio album Glassheart, the deliciously ivory-tickling “Collide,” was a great kick-off for the new project – despite a brief legal snafu with Avicii over authorship. Now comes the follow-up, “Trouble,” which takes Lewis in yet another unexpected direction. Lewis has been said the song was inspired by Massive Attack, and it is indeed a haunting, gothic cut drenched in piano and strings. But forget similarities to Massive Attack, the song sounds almost exactly like “Heaven” by Emeli Sandé – who actually co-authored the new tune. Its trip-hop backbone gets underlined in the dance mixes that kick everything up a notch with some serious percussion. (The Wookie Remix actually improves on the original in intensity.) Two notable cameos: one version of “Trouble” features a brief, mid-song rap by American multi-hyphenate Childish Gambino (aka 30 Rock writer and Community star Derrick McKinley Glover), and Lewis’ hunky co-star in the video is Colton Haynes of Teen Wolf fame.


“Sweet Nothing” – Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch

DJ/producers love their divas! Last week we wrote about David Guetta and Sia on their latest, “She Wolf.” This week we have a collaboration between Calvin Harris and Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine. Written by the pair, this will be the 5th single (!) from Harris’s forthcoming album 18 Months, dropping later this month. (For the record, “Sweet Nothing” follows the hits “Bounce,” “Feels So Close,” “Let’s Go” and the lesser “We’ll Be Coming Back.”) We love that this particular song is a more electronic detour for the Machine’s front-woman, while still a great showcase for her pipes that range from ethereal tones to pyrotechnical.


NEW New Romanticism

Just typing the name New Romanticism leaves us yearning for the days of early 80s British New Wave. The hair, the clothes, the synthesizers. As it happens, there are currently TWO new (though vastly different) takes on classic of the genre: songwriter/producer Nivek Tek’s remake of Thompson Twins “Hold Me Now” and DJ Steve Aoki’s reimagining of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf.” The former is a pretty faithful cover, re-setting the song as a high-octane dance explosion and featuring new vocals by Nivek. Of the many mixes, the Tom N Currie is the most faithful to the original, which is probably why it’s the most satisfying. The latter re-rub is Aoki’s complete deconstruction of the original “Wolf,” using Simon Le Bon’s vocals in a mind-bending, lower key. The now-plaintive verses are chased by a wild wall of sound that’s also punctuated by terrifying drums. The wolf itself is after us! We are obsessed. Our only quibble is we wish this version incorporated the original’s final call-and-answer between LeBon and the moaning girl. The video link below features a surprise appearance by D2 at Aoki’s last NYC concert.


“Hurricane Season in Brooklyn” – Analog Players Society

Man does not live on EDM alone, and from time to time we enjoy pointing out music off the Dance radar that’s also somewhat off the beaten path. We do not say lightly that Hurricane Season in Brooklyn is instantly a serious contender for Best Album of 2012. Masterminded by producer/percussionist Amon, the group Analog Players Society is a collective of studio musicians in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Their sessions are a literal jam of drums, horns, piano and bass. Indeed, Hurricane Season comes at you like a hurricane itself, bursting with a wide-range of musical styles and flavors: Caribbean, Reggae, Jazz, Afrobeat, Funk, Soul. But always organic and never a gimmick. Think Vampire Weekend meets The Style Council. The center of the album scores a perfect trifecta of 3 unlikely 80s covers : Shannon’s “Let The Music Play,” Nu Shooz’s “I Can’t Wait” (featuring Cecilia Stalin’s terrific vocals) and Wang Chung’s “Dance Hall Days.” The entirely sassy project is the perfect soundtrack for both a rainy afternoon or a scintillating cocktail party, as if the 90s Lounge reissue trend has come to flesh-and-blood life. Hurricane Season in Brooklyn is an absolute must for any serious music fan.



Dance diva Kristine W. is back. After having sent a whopping 16 of her previous 17 releases to the top of the Billboard Dance charts, she’s just released #18, “Everything That I Got.” Of the mixes to choose from, we love the stripped down version by Bimbo Jones that brings out the song’s inner Scissor Sisters…Whatever you think of Beyonce’s album 4 (and we were fans), the dance mixes for the entire project have been consistently top-notch – even exciting. She once again scores, this time with the mixes of “I Was Here,” especially the epic and evocatively named Strictlove Beach House Club MixKelly Rowland needs some direction. She gets perhaps too freaky/confessional on her lyrically direct, single-entendre “Ice.” In it, she improbably romances Li’l Wayne while he utters explicit groaners (including one line about putting a “pillow under her tummy”). The original slow groove emphasizes just makes everyone uncomfortable, though sped and spiced up in the Sugar House Mix it’s somehow less I your face…While a nice ode to friendship, Cher Lloyd’s “Oath,” her follow-up to “Want U Back,” is a sweet ode to friendship that doesn’t stray far from the sound of her debut single. It also sounds dangerously close to the verse melody of Pink’s “Please Don’t Leave Me”… Finally, snippets of Adele’s upcoming, eagerly-awaited title track from the equally-anticipated new Bond film Skyfall has leaked and the minute and half sounds like a doozy – classic atmospheric Bond torch ballad with John Barry’s iconic 4-note theme duly incorporated in a fantastically dramatic build. (We still think the Raconteurs mix of her “Many Shades of Black” would make a terrific and energetic Bond opening.)

Kristine W.


Kelly Rowland (original, mix not yet available online)

Cher Lloyd

[These links keep getting taken down, so listen while you can!]


NEWS: Summer’s over, which means my “GET YOUR MESS ON!” dance party returns to Saturdays, starting this Saturday, October 6! Boys, Booze, Tunes. It all goes down starting at 10PM at Pieces Bar (8 Christopher Street).


After 2 weeks of pounding her alarm at the top of the Top 20 Countdown, Nicki Minaj slips back as Ne-Yo vaults over her to #1 with the fast-climbing “Let Me Love You.” In what’s suddenly become a contest between wild animals, Duran Duran (via Steve Aoki) makes a giant debut at #10, hot on the heels of Sia’s “She-Wolf” at #8. Beyonce wants you to know she was here, and leads this week’s debuts.

1) Let Me Love You (Pulse Remix) – Ne-Yo (5) (1 at 1*)

2) Triumphant (All Mixes) – Mariah Carey (2) (1 at 1*)

3) Pound The Alarm (Original & Liam Keegan Mixes) – Nicki Minaj (1) (2 at 1*)

4) I Can Only Imagine (Extended Mix) – David Guetta feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne (6)

5) Hello (Razor & Guido Mix) – Karmin (8)

6) Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix) – Florence & The Machine (10)

7) Timebomb (Original Extended & Peter Rauhofer Mixes) – Kylie Minogue (9) (2 at 1)*

8) She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) (Extended Version) – David Guetta feat. Sia (11)

9) Hold Me Now (Tom N Currie Mix) – Nivek Tek (12)

10) Hungry Like The Wolf (The New York Werewolf Mix) – Steve Aoki vs. Duran Duran (DEBUT)

12) Turn Up The Radio (All Mixes) – Madonna (7) (3 at 1)*

11) R.I.P. (Seamus Haji Mix) – Rita Ora feat. Tinie Tempah (3)

13) Trouble (Wookie Mix) – Leona Lewis (19)

14) Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch (17)

15) Wanna See U Dance (La La La) – Kat DeLuna (14)

16) I Cry – Flo Rida (16)

17) I Was Here (Strictlove Beach House Club Mix) – Beyonce (DEBUT)

18) Everything That I Got (Bimbo Jones Mix) – Kristine W (DEBUT)

19) Want You Back (Cahill Mixes) – Cher Lloyd (4)

20) Finally Found You – Enrique Iglesias feat. Sammy Adams (DEBUT)

*Indicates current/former #1

The Borowski Spin / Minaj Moves on Top

It’s getting cooler, but I still have one final weekend left on Fire Island, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s still summer! Here’s a taste of what I’ll be listening to (wrapped in a towel, shivering next to the pool), including new songs from Kat DeLuna, Pink, Mika, Sia, Nicki Minaj, Nelly Furtado and Flo Rida. Plus two fun-lovin’ Swedish gals you simply have to know…

“Wanna See U Dance (La La La)” – Kat DeLuna

It’s hard to believe that 24 year-old Kat DeLuna first shimmied into our lives 5 years ago with the dance tune “Whine Up.” Since then, she’s had some hits (most notably last year’s #1 “Dancing Tonight” – thank you, Domitrovich) and more than a few misses. But I’ve always felt it’s been the material that’s let her down and not the other way around. Now she get some fun material indeed. From her forthcoming album ViVa Out Loud, “Wanna See U Dance (La La La)” is a sweat-inducing jam that gleefully borrows from the 90s soccer stadium/SEGA staple “Samba de Janeiro” by German outfit Bellini. (The parenthetical ‘La La La’s are sung to the horn line of that chestnut.) Make sure you check out the YouTube version of the song, which features a fantastic drum breakdown that in the album/iTunes version gets swallowed up by syrupy electronica.

“I Cry” – Flo Rida

Hot on the heels of his #1 song “Whistle,” Flo Rida’s “I Cry” is the 4th track from his album Wild Ones. We appreciate that the R&B hip-hop star often returns to hit a dance tune out of the ballpark. And “I Cry” is a homerun. It features a triangular sampling, with the title line coming from the Dutch duo Bingo Players’ dance hit “Cry (Just A Little)” which sampled the original smooth jazz/AC Brenda Russell hit “Piano In The Dark.” The recycled Chipmunks-like vocals call to mind the quadruplicate sharing of bassline between First Choice’s “Doctor Love,” Gwen Guthrie’s “Nothing Goin’ On (But The Rent),” Madonna’s “Sorry” and Rihanna’s “Hard.” Perhaps not coincidentally, Bingo Players (who have done remix work for acts like Cobra Starship), earlier this year released “reset” mixes of their “Cry.” And I swear Flo Rida here name-checks he one and only Alan Quartermaine. But even if he doesn’t, one can dream. Or cry.

“She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)” – David Guetta feat. Sia

There are no two ways around it: we’re obsessed with Sia. Her early cut “The Girl You Lost To Cocaine” still has us enthralled as did its follow-ups “You’ve Changed” and the percussive “Clap Your Hands.” The Australian singer nailed her muse status collaborating with prodigious French DJ superstar David Guetta on “Titanium.” Originally a demo by Sia – written with Alicia Keys in mind – the track was turned down by Katy Perry and recorded by Mary J. Blige before being scrapped and recorded by Sia herself for Guetta’s Nothing But The Beat. Now she’s in the spotlight in her co-written new track for Guetta’s revamped Nothing But The Beat 2.0. Featuring insistent piano and “Jessie’s Girl” guitar licks, the song generates as much Drama as a Meatloaf opus. And as far as Ozzie songstresses go, is it too much to hope that a Sia/Kimbra duet might be in the works??

“Bullets” – Rebecca & Fiona

Swedish DJs/performers/club owners Rebecca & Fiona are a colorful duo that have been taking their native Sweden by storm the last few years, cemented with their full-length album I Love You, Man in 2011. Here, they’re probably best (only?) known as Robyn’s bestie gf’s from the Making of “Call Your Girlfriend” video (link below), as well as openers on parts of her last tour. Now the album has been packaged for the U.S., lead by a remixed version of “Bullets” that’s also been given a fierce Lesbian chic video (though the pair are neither a couple nor lesbian). Luxuriating in the Swedish Pop sounds of the 90s (think Ace of Base and Roxette at a sleeker, higher bpm), R&F nail it with the lead track and its plunking guitar and clip-clop percussion. Who knows what the lyrics mean (“Hurts like bullets between these walls”?), but somehow it fits their aesthetic of giant-soled Moonboots.


Two great new albums with similar titles: Pink’s The Truth About Love and Mika’s The Origin of Love. Pink features a terrific first single in “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” while Mika stumbled with his atypically generic “Celebrate.” But both feature an especially intriguing album cut: Pink’s duet with Fun. frontman Nate Ruess “Just Give Me A Reason” sounding very Fun. indeed and Mika’s “Popular Song” (with Rihanna sound-alike Priscilla Renea) sampling “Popular” from the hella popular musical WickedNicki Minaj scores on 2 new singles: paired with Cassie (the singer from the hypnotic track “King of Heats” earlier this year) on the new song “The Boys” and rapping on the “Inferno Mix” of the new Alicia Keys track “Girl On Fire”…Regular SPIN readers know how repeatedly annoyed we are by the lazy same-ol’/same-ol’ from Pitbull. But even we have to admit his latest, the rowdy “Don’t Stop The Party,” is a catchy-as-f#ck party tune…DJ duo Milan & Phoenix have a fun retread of the Swing song “Istanbul (Not Constantinople).” Perhaps best known in this era as a 1990 cover by They Might Be Giants, the song gets a new dance version featuring a sample of the original 1953 version by The Four Lads…We’re scratching our heads that Nelly Furtado is once again releasing a not particularly radio-friendly single, but also giving her major points as the boomalicious “Parking Lot” will have you cracking open a can of Schlitz in the back of a convertible.

Pink & Nate Ruess


Nicki Minaj & Cassie

Nicki Minaj & Alicia Keys


Milan & Phoenix

Nelly Furtado


NEWS: I’ll be spinning the annual Anniversary Bash for Pieces Bar next Saturday night, Sept 29. Sponsored by Ketel One, this year’s edition is called “DRAGTASTIC” and will nce again feature the full staff in drag and perfrming a special Staff Number at 10PM. I’ll kicks things off with Disco at 8:30 followd by current Dance/Pop after the staff number. Come dressed up, dressed down or just come and get down! Also next week, the next 80s/Disco Happy Hour “MATINEE” is Weds, Sept 26 5-8PM. Both at Pieces Bar (8 Christopher Street).

Welcome back to #1, Ms. Minaj, on this week’s Top 20 Countdown. Whether you call her Nicki or Roman, the “Starships” diva dethrones MC for the top spot with “Pound The Alarm.” This week’s big leaps are registered by Ne-Yo’s “Let Me Love You” (up 10 spots to #9) and Karmin’s “Hello” (up 8 to #12). The week’s three juicy debuts – all mentioned above – are by Kat DeLuna, David Guetta featuring Sia and Flo Rida.

1) Pound The Alarm (Original & Liam Keegan Mixes) – Nicki Minaj (3) (1 at 1*)

2) Triumphant (All Mixes) – Mariah Carey (1) (1 at 1*)

3) R.I.P. (Seamus Haji Mix) – Rita Ora feat. Tinie Tempah (4)

4) Want You Back (Cahill Mixes) – Cher Lloyd (6)

5) Turn Up The Radio (All Mixes) – Madonna (2) (3 at 1)*

6) How Deep Is Your Love (Johnny Mac Mix) – Sean Paul feat. Kelly Rowland (7)

7) Timebomb (Original Extended & Peter Rauhofer Mixes) – Kylie Minogue (5) (2 at 1)*

8) I Can Only Imagine (Extended Mix) – David Guetta feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne (9)

9) Let Me Love You (Pulse Remix) – Ne-Yo (19)

10) Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix) – Florence & The Machine (12)

11) Blow Me One Last Kiss (Project 46 Mix) – Pink (13)

12) Hello (Razor & Guido Mix) – Karmin (20)

13) As Long As You Love Me (Ferry Corsten Mix) – Justin Bieber (14)

14) Decisions (Original & Cedric Gervais Mixes) – Borgore feat. Miley Cyrus (15)

15) Too Close (Jason Nevins Remix) – Alex Clare (17)

16) Euphoria (Original & WaWa Mixes) – Loreen (1 at 1)* (8)

17) Wanna See U Dance (La La La) – Kat DeLuna

18) She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) (Extended Version) – David Guetta feat. Sia

19) Let’s Have A Kiki (Original & Madonna Mixes) – Scissor Sisters (4 at 1)* (11)

20) I Cry – Flo Rida

*Indicates current/former #1s

The Borowski Spin / Fall's First Top 20

Welcome to the fall! While we’re in adamant denial about summer being over, we’re excited about the crop of new fall releases. This week we feature Rita Ora on a roll, Miley Cyrus tweeting , No Doubt and Snoop Dogg getting their reggae on and Angie Stone serving it Neo-Soul style. We also have a new release from “Houserobics” multi-hyphenate Cherie Lily, and if you’re not ads familiar with that name, you SHOULD be. This October, she’s set to make a splash (literally!) with her new single “Dripping Wet” – triple entendre intended. We also highlight TWO delicious mash-ups AND give you the official lowdown on dates for the new Kylie album. So without further ado…


“R.I.P.” – Rita Ora feat. Tinie Tempah

We loved saucy British songbird Rita Ora when we first heard “How We Do (Party)” back in March and we’ve enjoyed watching that #1 UK hit do a slow and steady crawl to club hitdom on this side of the pond. Now the second release from her debut album Ora, “R.I.P.” (another UK #1), is staking its claim here as well. “How We Do” cheekily borrowed from Notorious B.I.G.’s “Party and Bullsh#t” and “R.I.P.” also smartly samples: this time from Nigerian/German soul singer Nneka’s hypnotically staccato “Heartbeat.” The original version of “R.I.P.” is a bit of an overproduced mess: a syrupy slow wall of sound with blaring electric guitars. We’d written it off back in May, even with the fascinating Nneka sample and catchy contribution from Tempah. The good news is some upbeat mixes have lightened up the proceedings considerably, including a U.S.-only mix by Gregor Salto and especially the masterful work by Seamus Haji. And heads up: London is already getting a third single with the electro-pop “Radioactive.” Featuring yet another UK #1 (“Hot Right Now” on which Ora was featured), this album cries out to be made available on U.S. iTunes!


“Decisions” – Borgore feat. Miley Cyrus

Borgore, the industrious 24 year-old Israeli DJ whose style boasts a unique pairing of dubstep and metal, scored a homerun earlier this year with the diverse range of cuts on his album Borgore’s Misadventures in Dubstep. In May, with little fanfare, he released the new track “Decisions” with the fabulously greedy lyrics about wanting to eat the whole damn cake. He wasn’t sharing, he wasn’t sharing…not even credit with who recorded the backing vocals. With considerably more fanfare, Miley Cyrus set off a recent blizzard of Twitter activity when she tweeted that she was the unlikely, uncredited singer featured on the track’s refrains. Can you say “Perfect timing”? Yes, dance mixes are now available. And in addition to bumping up the bpm, the mixes also bump up the Miley vocals front and center. It’s still a bit of a clanging dubstep orgy with bleats reminiscent of dialup internet, but the most accessible is the Cedric Gervais.


“Dripping Wet” – Cherie Lily

Singer/songwriter and fitness guru Cherie Lily coined her own brand of “Houserobics” combining fierce dance beats with a killer workout. Here 2010 debut single “Werk” memorably paid loving and playful homage to NYC’s legendary ball/vogue scene. 10s across the board! Now she’s set to make another splash with a new EP this October. The first single, “Dripping Wet,” boasts a sexy, high-energy Hoot of a video shot at Santos House Party with cameos from the likes of such downtown luminaries as Amanda Lepore and Cazwell, all frolicking aquatically. You can check out this dynamo live when Lily returns to Santos House Party on October 24 for a special night also featuring Cazwell and Lily’s longtime collaborator (and husband!) Andrew W.K.


Poolside with No Doubt, Snoop Lion and Angie Stone

We love spinning poolside and with at least a month left on the Fire Island schedule, we recommend 3 new cuts that perfectly fit into a more laid-back, old school vibe. Snoop Dogg, as you may have heard, has adopted a new persona for his 12th studio album, Reincarnated. Snoop has transformed into Rastafari reggae artist Snoop Lion and we’re digging the beats, especially with first single “La La La.”

What’s your 20? No stranger to reggae overtones themselves, No Doubt is back with the single “Settle Down,” blending reggae, ska, Latin beats and American pop. At over 6 minutes, the album version is way too long. But search out the 3 minute radio version for a perfect dose of Gwen and the boys.

Angie Stone is serving up a delicious slice of Neo-Soul with “Backup Plan,” the second single from her forthcoming album Rich Girl. This mid-tempo charmer pays homage to the sounds late 70s/early 80s r&b while still sounding as fresh as today. And let’s face it: every girl DOES need a backup plan!


BPM BITS: Current pop radio hit “Too Close” by Brit crooner Alex Clare gets a four-on-the-floor makeover courtesy of Jason Nevins…The latest from Ne-Yo, “Let Me Love You” sounds fine in its album version, but even better in the faster-from-the-get-go Pulse Remix…Rapper YP delivers house party realness with “Who I Be (Clap)” featuring a bass line and percussion reminiscent of the Method Man/Mary J. Blige classic “You’re All I Need To Get By.” You’ll want to clap, clap, clap, clap along…Mash-ups of the week: “We Found Love In The Stars,” a Liam Keegan bootleg that mixes the Rihanna/Calvin Harris supertrack “We Found Love” with Keegan’s own mix of Tinie Tempah’s “Written In The Stars”; and “Call Me Calvin,” which lays the vocal track of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” over a trio of Calvin Harris gems, “I’m Not Alone,” “Feel So Close” and once again “We Found Love”…Finally, mark your calendars for Oct 24, the date Kylie Minogue’s next studio album starts rolling out internationally (including 10/24 for Japan, 10/29 for the UK and 11/6 for the U.S.). As part of the celebrations marking Minogue’s 25th year in the music industry, The Abbey Road Sessions features reinvented versions of 15 Kylie classics (and one new track) recorded at the famed London studios with a full orchestra. The leaks and teasers so far point to a winner! The fab rework of the under-appreciated “Finer Feelings” is below.

Alex Clare




Carly Rae Jepsen



NEWS: This week I have two back to back gigs: this Weds, Sept 12 the 80s/Disco Happy Hour “MATINEE” 5-8PM; and Thurs, Sept 13 the monthly dance party “GET YOUR MESS ON!” 9PM-3AM. Both are at…you guessed it…good ol’ Pieces Bar (8 Christopher Street). Boys, booze, tunes!


Mariah Carey is indeed “Triumphant” as she lands her 20th #1 chart topper on our Top 20 Countdown. Just below her, and following a wave of resurgence generated from the MDNA Tour setting up camp in NYC, Madonna’s recent #1 “Turn Up The Radio” inches back up to #2. Meanwhile, sizable jumps are seen by Nicki Minaj (at #3), Rita Ora (a whopping 14 places up to #4) and a re-entry from Cher Lloyd (at #6).

1) Triumphant (All Mixes) – Mariah Carey (*1 at 1) (2)

2) Turn Up The Radio (All Mixes) – Madonna (3 at 1)* (3)

3) Pound The Alarm (Original & Liam Keegan Mixes) – Nicki Minaj (7)

4) R.I.P. (Seamus Haji Mix) – Rita Ora feat. Tinie Tempah (18)

5) Timebomb (Original Extended & Peter Rauhofer Mixes) – Kylie Minogue (2 at 1)* (5)

6) Want You Back (Seamus Haji Mixes) – Cher Lloyd (RE-ENTRY)

7) How Deep Is Your Love (Johnny Mac Mix) – Sean Paul feat. Kelly Rowland (9)

8) Euphoria (Original & WaWa Mixes) – Loreen (1 at 1)* (1)

9) I Can Only Imagine (Extended Mix) – David Guetta feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne (13)

10) Goin’ In (Extended & Gustavo Scorpio Mixes) – Jennifer Lopez feat. Flo Rida (11)

11) Let’s Have A Kiki (Original & Madonna Mixes) – Scissor Sisters (4 at 1)* (6)

12) Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix) – Florence & The Machine (16)

13) Blow Me One Last Kiss (Project 46 Mix) – Pink (17)

14) As Long As You Love Me (Ferry Corsten Mix) – Justin Bieber (15)

15) Decisions (Original & Cedric Gervais Mixes) – Borgore feat. Miley Cyrus

16) This Is Love (Original & DJ Shamoon Mixes) – & Eva Simons (12)

17) Too Close (Jason Nevins Remix) – Alex Clare (DEBUT)

18) I Don’t Like You – Eva Simons (8)

19) Let Me Love You (Pulse Remix) – Ne-Yo (DEBUT)

20) Hello (Razor & Guido Mix) (DEBUT)

*Indicates current/former #1s

The Borowski Spin / Who ends the summer on top?

Hi, kids! During my month-long sabbatical, I’ve missed each and every one of you. It’s terrific to be back home. As a recap and to make sure you didn’t miss anything, this week we’re looking at 3 notable songs that came out over the last few weeks, as well as some upcoming releases. Let’s do it!

“Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” – Mariah Carey

Surely you know that Miss Mariah is back. If not for her new single, the sadly fizzling “Triumphant (Get ‘Em),” then at least for her signing on as the latest judge on American Idol. But despite the former’s false start at radio, the song deserves attention. I long ago embraced MC’s trashy/slutty, nouveau riche style (which she still seems oblivious to), immature attachments to rainbows and butterflies and deluded pronouncements to the press. The original version of the new song was met with almost universal critical disdain, mostly because it was hijacked by two rappers, barely showcasing the returning songbird. But our girl pulled another rabbit out of the hat by recording new vocals for uptempo dance mixes – a la the glory days of her singles working with David Morales in the 90s. If the original version is forgettable, the Vintage Throwback and (even better) Pulse Club Mixes keep things lively and showcase The Voice. Reportedly written in honor of her husband Nick Cannon’s recent kidney battle and the death of Whitney Houston (a shameless move if ever there was one), the timing better suggested an attempt to cash in on the Olympics, not unlike when “100 Percent” got used for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Still, there are fewer voices you’d rather hear backed up by a throbbing dance beat than Ms. Carey’s. Special attention must be paid to the hilariously photoshopped single cover, evoking that of her earlier album The Emancipation of Mimi. But don’t let any of our gentle ribbing disturb you. We adore the diva – gifts, flaws and all.


“Madonna Has A Kiki” – Madonna vs. Scissor Sisters

It was an idea so obvious, it took someone named Captain Obvious to assemble it. But the song most compared to Madonna’s “Vogue” has now been fabulously mashed-up with…well, “Vogue.” Madonna’s dance sensation had taken orchestral elements from both Salsoul Orchestra’s “Ooh, I Love It (Love Break)” (originally mixed by “Vogue” producer and then-frequent Madonna collaborator Shep Pettibone) and Larry Levan’s rework of MFSB’s “Love Is The Message.” Madonna herself , meanwhile, would cheekily repurpose a few lines from her #1 hit into her later dance tune “Deeper and Deeper.” Which takes it all rather full circle, doesn’t it? We especially love that this new version of “Kiki” kicks off with a sample from the Junior Vasquez classic “If Madonna Calls” and the (fake) answering machine message meant to be from her Madgeness. Fire up the smoke machines, because this one not only extends the life of 2012’s Gay Summer Anthem, but takes it to a whole new level.


“How Deep Is Your Love” – Sean Paul feat. Kelly Rowland

A Kelly Rowland vocal makes for a good dance tune, even when the original song isn’t up to snuff. That’s certainly the case with “How Deep Is Your Love,” the bland new track from Sean Paul. Unfortunately NOT a remake of the Bee Gees tune of the same name, the song in its original form is essentially a throwaway, meandering Caribbean tune. But spiced up by such mixes as the one by Johnny Mac, it’s given a new lease on life. Drums are marching-band-terrific and the song rises and falls on electronic music crests. We hope this one’s shelf life will be deep.


“Don’t You Worry, Child” – Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin

An unexpectedly softer, gentler Swedish House Mafia emerges on their upcoming fourth single from the One Night Stand album. Instantly more accessible than most of their previous and aggressive House hits, the song starts off slowly and features mellifluous vocals by John Martin, who handled the same chores on SHM’s “Save The World.” Up until now, we’d been mostly immune to the Mafia’s charms, but “Child” may be the emotional break-through that could extend their reach beyond dance circles.


BPM BITS: Karmin follows up their under-appreciated “Crash Your Party” and mega-hit “Broken Heated” with third single “Hello.” Hugely dissimilar in sound to their earlier singles, but still showcasing singer/rapper Amy Heidemann’s acrobatic wordplay, the busy “Hello” is a bit of a hodge podge in its original form. Most of the mixes are equally cacophonous, though we like the Razor & Guido mix. Presumably unintentional, the main refrain sounds oddly similar to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Unless you like in-your-face Electro-House, the Laidback Luke and Jumpsmokers mixes should be gently avoided…British soul singer Rebecca Ferguson has mixes for a third cut from her debut album Heaven, the torchy ballad “Nothing’s Real But Love.” While it was the initial single off the album – preceding “Too Good To Lose” and “Glitter & Gold” – it’s only now having its mixes promoted here…We’re always happy to welcome back diva Kimberly Locke, who hit the dance floor hard in 2007 with her remake of the classic “Band of Gold” and in 2010 with the original foot-stomper “Strobelight.” The newer song “Finally Free” has some terrific mixes, the best being those from Almighty, now being pushed here in the U.S.


Rebecca Ferguson

Kimberley Locke


NEWS: I’ve hated being away and am looking forward to more NYC spinning! My upcoming dates include Weds, Sept 12 “MATINEE” the 80s/Disco Happy Hour, 5-8PM; Thurs, Sept 13 the monthly dance party “GET YOUR MESS ON!” 9PM-3AM; and Weds, Sept 26 the next “MATINEE.” All three are at Pieces Bar (8 Christopher Street), where there are always drink specials and never cover charges, so come on down.

Last time we were together, Scissor Sister’s “Let’s Have A Kiki” was spending its 4th week at #1 on the Top 20 Countdown, which still stands as the longest run at the top so far in 2012. Since then, Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” (1 week), “Madonna’s “Turn Up The Radio” (3 weeks), France Jolie’s seemingly ubiquitous remake of “Hallelujah” (1 week) and Frankie Knuckles’ remake of “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” have all hit the top. This week, the euphoric anthem “Euphoria” by Loreen claims pinnacle placement. Mariah is just below her, and if she can hit the top, “Triumphant” will be her 20th chart topper on the countdown. Her last time at the peak was with “Obsessed” in the summer of 2009.

1) Euphoria (Original & WaWa Mixes) – Loreen (1 at 1)*

2) Triumphant (All Mixes) – Mariah Carey

3) Turn Up The Radio (All Mixes) – Madonna *

4) You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) – Frankie Knuckles feat. B Slade (1 at 1)*

5) Timebomb (Original Extended & Peter Rauhofer Mixes) – Kylie Minogue (2 at 1)*

6) Let’s Have A Kiki (Original & Madonna Mixes) – Scissor Sisters (4 at 1)*

7) Pound The Alarm (Original & Liam Keegan Mixes) – Nicki Minaj

8) I Don’t Like You – Eva Simons

9) How Deep Is Your Love (Johnny Mac Mix) – Sean Paul feat. Kelly Rowland

10) Hallelujah – France Joli (1 at 1)*

11) Goin’ In (Extended & Gustavo Scorpio Mixes) – Jennifer Lopez feat. Flo Rida

12) This Is Love (Original & DJ Shamoon Mixes) – & Eva Simons

13) I Can Only Imagine – David Guetta feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne

14) Summer’s Calling – Liam Keegan feat. Charlie G.

15) As Long As You Love Me (Ferry Corsten Mix) – Justin Bieber

16) Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix) – Florence & The Machine

17) Blow Me One Last Kiss (Original & Funk3d Mixes) – Pink

18) R.I.P. (Seamus Haji Mix) – Rita Ora feat. Tinie Tempah

19) Never Close Our Eyes (Almighty Mix) – Adam Lambert

20) Don’t Wake Me Up (Benny Benassi Mix) – Chris Brown

*Indicates current/former #1s

The Borowski Spin / Scissor Sisters kiki to the top

Two remakes, two sassy shout-outs and a whole lotta Daddy drama. Sprinkle it all with a dash of Summer Pop and you have this week’s column. But enough intro. I missed y’all last week, so let’s dive right in!

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