Indiana Religious Freedom bill will include LGBT protection

indiana religious freedom law to add lgbt protection

Earlier this week Indiana Governor Mike Pence sent the Religious Freedom bill that he signed into law back to the state House and Senate to ensure that it does not discriminate against gays and lesbians.  Now, law makers say they will include LGBT protection in the new legislation.

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BREAKING NEWS owner Charles Winters fires‘s owner Charles Winters announced on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 that he had made the decision to fire himself.  Winters, who founded the website nearly a decade ago, is known for being a tough person to work for and evidently decided that he didn’t even meet his own standards.

Winters informed his staff via e-mail early Wednesday morning that he had let himself go.  According to his Wikipedia page Winters is the sole proprietor of the website, therefore the staff is left not knowing who is really in charge.

“We have an editorial board, but they really have no power,” said Winters’ now-former Executive Assistant Cody White. “Charles is very controlling in general and didn’t really ever allow them to make many decisions,” he added.

For now, the website seems to be up for grabs.  In his e-mail to staffers, Winters said:

“I still own the GaySocialites trademark, the GaySocialites brand and; but I have decided to terminate my employment immediately.  I no longer work here.”

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