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Is the Vatican backtracking on gay acceptance?

Is the Vatican changing views on gays?

A report from the Vatican on Monday said that members of the gay community “have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community,” but now it might be backtracking on those comments.  It depends on who you ask.

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Judge: Gay marriage can continue in Alaska

Alaska Gay Marriage Legal

The same federal judge who said that Alaska’s gay marriage ban is unconstitutional earlier this week has shot down the state’s request to put a hold on issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples until an appeal is heard.

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TV Review: Kingdom [video]


Nick Jonas TV Review Kingdom Audience DirecTV

Kingdom is an upcoming television show on the Audience Network (exclusively on DirecTv).  The show follows the activity at a mixed martial arts gym as well as the problems and relationships of the family who owns it.

I recently got the chance to view an advance of the premiere episode of Kingdom, and it is actually more than just eye candy.

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North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory will enforce gay marriage

north carolina governor pat mccrory says he will enforce gay marriage ruling

Now that the courts have legalized gay marriage in North Carolina, Republican Governor Pat McCrory is backing down from his opposition on the issue.

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Breaking Bad star takes on gay role

Breaking Bad star Jesse Plemons to play gay role.

Breaking Bad star Jesse Plemons (who played Todd Alquist) will take on the role of a gay man in the upcoming independent movie Other People.

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