Big Brother Round Table- Weeks 3 and 4

Big Brother Round Table

It is that time of week again, folks!  I’ve once gathered’s Big Brother super fans to discuss our thoughts on the third and fourth weeks of Big Brother 17 on CBS.  A lot has happened since Charles Winters and Cody White last joined me to weigh in on the season, so we’re mixing up the format a little bit.

Let’s eavesdrop on our panelists as they discuss Big Brother 17. (Okay, so it’s a transcript you’ll be reading, but I couldn’t pass up on a chance to poke fun at Julie Chen!


Christopher: Since our last Big Brother 17 Roundtable, two more houseguests were booted from the house.   Not only did we bid adieu to Da’Vonne (aka Mama Dae) and Audrey (Big Brother’s first trans contestant).

Da’Vonne never held back what she had to say, and Audrey started major trouble in the house week 1.  But seriously do these people ever watch the show?  You play hard you usually are a target and seeing Julie Chen for your exit interview.  It happened to Devin on Big Brother 16, and I wonder if he and Audrey share the same DNA.  She also tried to get everyone in one giant alliance  like he did.

So what did you guys think of Da’Vonne and Audrey? If you guys were houseguests what would your approach to the game be?

Charles: I think that comparing Da’Vonne and Audrey’s gameplay to Devin’s last season is valid.  I think a lesson for anyone out there who plans to play the game is get to know the trends.  Every season is different due to the twists and dynamic of those playing, but there are certain things you just don’t do.  History has proven that playing the game too hard too fast will do nothing but get you voted out.

As for Da’Vonne and Audrey as individuals… I knew Da’Vonne wouldn’t make it far in the game as soon as we started getting to know her.  People who are confrontational and people who wear their emotions on their sleeves don’t typically play the game well either.  As someone who knows something about gambling, Da’Vonne should have known that making herself too vulnerable in the game was like showing her whole hand to all of the other players.

I, of course, had mad props for Audrey as the first trans player in Big Brother history.  I also think she and I could hang out and have fun doing nothing exciting for hours.  I do, however, think she lacked a certain maturity that is needed to play a mind game (literally).  Audrey just wasn’t there yet. I also recently realized something.  Audrey knew exactly what she was doing in many situations.  You’ve heard the statement “Go big or go home?”  Having read some of Audrey’s post-eviction interviews and such, Audrey knew how to make the moment memorable when she made an error or did something that wasn’t well received by her houseguests.  I believe she did that on purpose in case she was excited from the house too soon.  Who remembers the early evictees? Maybe super fans and that’s it?

Cody:  I can keep my response on this short and sweet.  Neither Audrey nor Da’Vonne even stood the chance to win this game, so for me it was just typical Big Brother house cleaning.  I think Charles might be giving Audrey too much credit for her “temper tantrums,” but I hope she does use them for her benefit either way.  As the first trans person to be a contestant on Big Brother 17, she can do a lot of good for the trans community.  I hope she does so.


Christopher: The twins were exposed and joined Austin, Clay, Shelli and Vanessa as The Sixth Sense Alliance.  At first I thought Austin was clever for helping to aid in the backdooring of Amazing Racer Jeff but as of late I despise his game playing.  He lies to his own alliance members and that is something you don’t want to do in this game for it puts a huge target on your back.  I can only hope that the house puts Austin in a full nelson.  Sayonara Judas!

Of the members of The Sixth Sense Alliance, which do you think is playing a good game? a bad game?

Charles: First and foremost, I was really a big fan of The Sixth Sense Alliance.  I thought they were going to be able to hold it all together, but it isn’t looking so good right now.  I think that Vanessa is playing the best game out of anyone in the house, so that would include her fellow members of The Sixth Sense Alliance.  My money is on her to take it all at this point.  I’m not sure if Julia is still considered a member of The Sixth Sense Alliance at this point or not, but I think she is playing a very strong (yet subtle game).  When it comes to Julia and her twin, Liz, it is clear that only one twin is smarter than the other.  Julia clearly got the brains in the womb.  It was Julia who sold the other members of The Sixth Sense Alliance on protecting the Twin Twist secret so that they would be another vote for their alliance.  I’m interested to see how she plays the game as Julia rather than Liz as as he has been doing since the beginning of the game.

I think the worst player in the game is also a member of The Sixth Sense Alliance.  I’m, of course, talking about Austin. What is up with that guy? The odds of being able to find love in the Big Brother house are slim… even if you’re Jeff and Jordan.

Cody:  The best player in The Sixth Sense Alliance is Vanessa.  That is pretty evidently.  It is almost as if she was born to play Big Brother.  I would have to credit it to her work in the professional gambling business.  The worst player in The Sixth Sense is probably Clay.  Austin is not a good game player at all, but Clay isn’t doing anything.  If it was Austin versus Clay in the final two, then Austin could say that he at least played the game while Clay did nothing but sleep and look pretty.

On Tuesday, we will find out if Clay and Becky were able to win the Golden Power of Veto to save themselves or convince the other person who wins it to take them off the block.  I’m crossing my fingers that my husband, Clay, will be safe.

So my final question to the Round Table: Who do you want to see evicted from the Big Brother house this Thursday?  It also contains spoilers as we already know the winners of the Power of Veto and the results of the Veto Meeting.

Charles: I sadly vote to evict Steve.  I think he is a really smart kid and can still pull some tricks out of his hat later.  It is smart to evict him now.

Cody:  I also think that Steve would be my choice to get evicted for the same reason that Charles stated.



That does it for this week’s Big Brother 17 Round Table at  We hope you’ll join us again next week.  Feel free to join the discussion in the comments section below.

Written by Christopher Dellea

Christopher Dellea

Christopher Dellea is the Associate Editor at When he is not Facebook sleuthing, he can be found at his second home: the theatre. Christopher is here for you so do not hesitate to email him or add him on Facebook. He loves feedback and new friends!

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