Daily Dapper: Lady Miss Kier Wants You to "Vote Baby Vote"

Since the election year kicked off, everyone from politicians to celebrities has been giving outpourings of their support for either candidate to be the new head honcho of the country. Most have been usually banal with the wealthy crying over Barack Obama supposedly turning this nation into the former Soviet Union while others depict Mitt Romney as being the total dumb fuck he really is.

All mud-slinging and bullshit aside, Lady Miss Kier of Deee-lite this week released a short public service announcement that brings a lighter, more refreshing side to the political circus we call our government elections as she cavorts deliciously in silvery white burlesque attire. And talk about that bitchin’ headpiece. (Gimme!)

You heard the Lady. Get your lazy ass up and go register to vote. Yes, you may get stoned and watch the psychedelic background on repeat later, honey!

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Written by Kevin Novinski