New York mural addresses gay rights in Middle East

Gay Right Mural in NYC

A new mural in New York’s West Village hopes to address gay right issues in the Middle East. The purpose of the painting at 111 Leroy Street is supposed to compare Israeli gay rights progression to their neighboring nations.

The New York Timesdescribes the piece of art and tbe message it attempts to convey:

The mural shows the outlines of two men holding hands below the headline: Who Would YOU want at Your Wedding? The male figures also hold up two balancing scales that offer a stark contrast between the state of gay rights in Israel and in some of its Arabic neighbors.

Above one scale, the text notes that Israel lets same-sex couples adopt children, that “gay people serve openly in the military and government” there and that more than 10,000 people celebrated at Tel Aviv’s 2011 Pride Parade.

On the other scale, labeled “Israel’s neighbors,” the text says that homosexuality is illegal in Syria and punishable by death in Iran. “There is no pride parade in Egypt, Jordan or Gaza,” the mural reads.

The mural, commissioned by the Alumni Community of Birthright Israel, was finished on Friday just in time for Monday’s anniversary celebration of Israel’s independence.

Written by Charles Winters

Charles Winters

Charles Winters is an online journalist, on-air personality and media developer from East Tennessee who resides in New York City. Winters is the founder, Chief Executive Officer at GaySocialites Media, the company that produces and You can e-mail him at You can read more about him on his Wikipedia page.

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