FASHION FOCUS: He Does "IT" Right!

(I don’t know this boy, but he knows that he’s doing “IT” right!!!! it might not be your style, or mine, but he owns it and was kind enough to let me shoot the photo… Thanks street boy! You do IT Right!!)

Welcome back kids!

FASHION FOCUS, and that guy up there, are back and revisiting a former topic. The first edition featured lovely ladies and was called “She Does ‘IT’ Right”.   This time we’re giving it to the boys and they are giving “IT” right back. The difference, besides gender obviously, I presented my victims with a few questions to consider:


If you could choose a color for your aura, what would it be and why?

What are the first 3 words that come to mind when you think of fashion as it relates to you?

Do you have a childhood fashion icon/rule-breaker? If so, who? Why?

Name 2 articles of clothing (or whatever) that are essential to your “look”

What (in fashion) would you like to see more of?


I was so curious know something about these creatures and these questions just popped into my thoughts. I left their responses the way they sent them to me. Even the way a person breaks down written responses says something about their personality. SO….. let’s dive in! Starting with…….



Justice is magnetic and charming and his energy is always delightful. Always ready to share a dance, a hug, a smile, a kind word……  Justice!!  I don’t have anything but nice things to say about this one… oh, and did you happen to see that BODY?!  I’ve never enjoyed the luxury of being ripped and Justice makes it look effortless!


As I am always one to enjoy good dancefloor energy, when Justice and I have danced it has always given me a boost of energy. Maybe that’s how I see him…as an energy shot! I remember celebrating his birthday with he and Radek and the kid EXPLODED into a dance moment that had everyone captivated! OWNING EVERYTHING on her birthday she was!! Like I said, magnetic…

Justice had this to say in response to my questions:

” I enjoy the color Black due to its mystery and boldness.
3 words that come to mind when I describe fashion would be Exciting, Limited and Free.
My childhood fashion idol has always been Grace Jones due to her level of pushing creativity with fashion and art.
I’m known for my creative studded jackets and classic timeless style. (Work Justice!!!!)
Timeless creativity and transitional looks are what I wanna see more of with fashion. A limited look. ”


Justice has a styling site that is under construction, so be on the lookout for future developments! JUSTICE BEAVERS (say it thrice so you don’t forget it!)

Cheers Justice!  You do “IT” Right!!!




   This child here,  is on fire every time we cross paths! Whether he’s making moves at Patricia Field, bringing life to the Lower East Side’s Eastern Bloc as one of the hosts of “My Chiffon Is Wet” with DJ Paisley Dalton, or even twirling the twirl (and hosting) at Vandam Sundays at Greenhouse, Miss Geaux always turns the shit out! Truly a unique point of view on fashion, I have always been intrigued by his style and wondered where his inspirations lie.


If you could choose a color for your aura, what would it be and why?

It is unmistakeable
Rare to find in nature
Vibrant and beautiful

What are the first 3 words that come to mind when you think of fashion as it relates to you?

Fashion chameleon

Do you have a childhood fashion icon/rule-breaker? If so, who? Why?

I love Prince because of his clean-cut, monochromatic looks. I enjoy that he could be himself bound in couture.

I also remember watching lots of Disney as a child so when ever I dress. Up I always channel a time period, and or culture in and outside of my own.

Name 2 articles of clothing (or whatever) that are essential to your “look”

Funky trousers. And stylish hair (wigs)

What (in fashion) would you like to see more of?

I would like to see the barrier between eccentric women’s ready-to-wear and contrived men’s ready-to-wear broken. Menswear has progressed, but I wish that more designers would escape the realm of practical.


Gugu, You do “IT” Right!!  (fingers fingers fingers fingers <– he knows what I mean!)



this photo is on loan from his Facebook profile... 😉

Ron is just a guy you like to have around because he lightens everyone’s mood! Attention hungry, hungry boys! This one is off limits! He has that deadly combination of security in his masculinity, open-mindedness and being heterosexual. Yes, those still exist! (and all the hungry, hungry bottoms snap their fingers and say, in unison, “DAYUM!”) Not considering his straight-realness, I thought Ron had enough style and flavor to have something to offer, from the straight point-of-view, as they say.

At a towering 6-foot-something and a budding 24, Ron is on the way to a lifetime of options and adventure! It has recently come to my attention that he will be leaving our company soon and I’ll take this opportunity to express what a pleasure it was to make the workplace a little more enjoyable! Your presence will be missed and our SSWWT crew will be minus a member… 🙁 … on to bigger and better Ron! Congrats!

Now, after all these tears and violins, let’s bring the focus, the FASHION FOCUS that is, back into the picture. 😉 Ron had this to say in response to the questions…

“1) I’ll pick light blue because it’s a calming color and I tend to be calm at times.
2)let’s see, handsome, perfection and I hate to use this word but swag
3)I want to say Allen Iverson. He was a basketball player who didn’t like the rule of dressing up when he didn’t play so he would literally wear street clothes. I like that because he was a rule-breaker and he didn’t want to be a slave to fashion in the NBA.
4) a good set of fitted, relaxed pants, and the right pair of shoes
5) I definitely would like to see a better range of colors for men and women. I feel like parts of the fashion world segregate colors due to gender. Break the barriers!! Some of us can rock any color! I like to challenge myself with different colors to wear”

I’ve asked Ron to share his Adventures in being MOLESTED in the workplace!! Check it out, here. Definitely a story that I’ll never forget. CLICK BELOW

Thanks Ron! You do “IT” Right!!!


BOSS, ANTONIO BOSS (I thought that would be cute, ha!)

“Fashion makes me feel free. It is definitely one of the many vechiles in my life that is an outlet for my emotions. I dress for me, first to cure my moods. I am happy that it strikes a vein in others. Love and Light.”

Antonio said this to me a long time ago and I’ve held on to it just for this piece…


I could swear that Antonio is my fraternal twin separated after a dramatic birth on a glitter and confetti-sprayed dancefloor!  Whenever we share space I am engulfed by his energy and can do nothing but smile. It might begin with the fact that we were born in the same year….. just under a thousand years ago! Our moments have been in the multiples and many of them have been brief. That’s irrelevant! It always goes deep with Antonio and I truly admire his essence. Now, his fashion, while also on my admiration list, I think that’s for him to tell.

In response to the questions Antonio had this to say:

“If I could choose a color for my aura and energy it would be red. In the beginning of my 32 years in this life I never really saw red as a color that related to me. But as of late, I feel a shift in my energy and in my soul. And it pulls me to red. Red is fire, no fear, it can bring light to any form of darkness.
Trend Setting Bitch [re: 3 words that come to mind when you think of fashion]
– my childhood icons are Grace Jones, Prince, and Tori Amos
I know that’s a mix but that’s me. A blend of there diversity regarding there artistry and fashion.
-my earrings are definitely number one.
Then I would say it could be anything after that. I never have a set idea as far as what to wear I just let it happen. Hope that kinda answers the question. (of course it does my love!)
– individuality is what I would like to see more of. Like we have spoken about before, it is such an amazing day that we as people are taking in and excepting our individuality. That’s what makes us unique and powerful. Kinda like the 80’s are coming back.”

Antonio, you definitely show them who is Boss on that dancefloor! Sharp, crisp, succint… yet fluid,smooth, and swift. And all while looking adorable! 😉 Be on the lookout for his upcoming projects! Think Uptown (NYC) Hip-Hop for inner city kids  that could use a little help, monetarily and otherwise.  He’s also working as a dancer with Miss Drag USA. Also, stay tuned for his upcoming tracks “Insanity” and “Trend-Setta”.

turn me upside-down Antonio!!!  You do “IT” Right!!!!


So there it is!

Four very different personalities with

unique blends of flavor, point-of-view, passions….

I feel like I understand much more about

these guys and I appreciate their time and


(sorry Ron, we never got a photo together… still SSWWT!!) hahaha



This series of people doing “IT” right is growing on me a lot. It will be back, because there is always someone that I see getting the job done and serving up their own versions of chic  and insert your own complimentary fashion term.  As you can see, the format has grown dramatically since the first piece…I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for dropping in.

Now go have a drink! That was a lot to take in! 😉

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