FASHION FOCUS: NOLCHA Fashion Week Flashback – Where did they go?

It’s the FASHION FOCUS, once again. The focus of the moment is all about NOLCHA Fashion week…..2009.

[tires screech, eyes widen, everyone gasps, birds fly off and scatter]

2009?  Well, I’ll explain. One night during Fashion Week, September 2009, I was at a rooftop party with the hubby at the Empire Hotel. I noticed a gentleman striking up quite the conversation complete with Albert. It was a fashion party so naturally they were making the usual introductions and seemed to be getting along very well. I eventually met the guy and his name was Jack Kirk. He told us about NOLCHA and was nice enough to extend invites in hopes that we could attend as many of the shows as possible.

I attended the event solo and I covered the shows using two cameras. I did not have the perfect position for photos, but my second row seat wasn’t too bad either. On this day, I took photos as if I knew I would be using them someday.  Who knew that FASHION FOCUS would be a part of my life and bring these memories out of the trenches of my hard drive?


Of the many shows I attended, I’ve chosen a few to highlight and answer that question. NOLCHA is, as seen on the website, “New York’s Leading Showcase for Independent Fashion”.  There is much potential out there and many people are fighting to make their mark in the fashion world. Let’s look at a few of these designers and find out what they’re up to now.

Elda De La Rosa

After looking around online I didn’t really find too much current information on this design house.

After visiting this website, I didn’t see much beyond…..  Website, outdated. Facebook page, where? (see for yourself

Minna K

The site gives you a selection of cocktail dresses and bridal gowns. She started her company in 2006 and the website shows a  © of 2010….  could not find any current collections. This collection is called “Little Silk Dress’ and here’s the same show, found on youtube:


Kabuki U

very Japanese kimono inspired Australian design house…

remember, this was 2009…..  I found some more up-to-date footage of KabukiU on youtube…. the designs have evolved but I can still see the theme I originally saw in ’09. Check ’em out below

Spring/Summer 2011

Spring/Summer 2012 (a snippet)



This collection was in my top three of the day


The designer gives a succinct background of herself here:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Soka has been very busy since 2009. Hopefully this design house will resurface, at some point. :-/  There is potential, right?  Other sites to look into


Dora Abodi

I love this look, I'd do the top in a different color, but the pants are IT!!

Definitely some interesting pieces in this collection….


By far the most potential in all the shows I attended that day. Cute mention of designer here (and if I’m not misreading, the author mentions that this designer from Denmark was 15… ??? Wow):  <—- according to that site back there, there’s a fan blog. I went to visit the fan blog. Not only did I have to sign in to blogger, but I also was rejected by a “this blog is for invited readers only” message. “WELL!” (In my best Lucille Ball essence) “I Never!”

on youtube she shares…..

…. and an up-to-date website featuring CURRENT collections. It looks like Dora Abodi is making it happen and seeing success as an independent designer. Visit the website below for more information. Kudos Dora Abodi fashion house! I know it’s not easy out there.

to see photosets from all the shows I attended:

COMPLETE NOLCHA SHOWS (2009)- Photosets on Flickr by Farrel Kramer

To Get more information on the next Nolcha Fashion Week visit: *

hello from Nolcha!

“Look How You Want To  F  E  E  L ”

Oh, did I mention that there was a nip slip? hahahaha



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