FASHION FOCUS: Ankles Everywhere!

1920’s porn is BACK!

FOCUS: The Cuffed Pant/The Exposed Ankle

I have been seeing ankles everywhere I look these days. Men have been rolling up their pant legs and giving us their best ankle! They’re just so FRESH, aren’t they?

Don’t get me wrong, this look is definitely not something that’s new or cutting edge… it’s just a look that I have been seeing more and more of throughout this virtually non-existent winter season. Kids in the street have been able to keep those heavy coats and long socks tucked away, giving a little bit more of that ankle action.

*shout out to my Uncle Seth Clark (PHDJ)!!  I JUST remembered he is a cuffed pant LEGEND! :-)* (shown below, Center, at Pat Field Valentine’s Ball 2011)

the cuffed pant, shown here with socks

The Donx (@MidnightGent) sporting her Sock 'n' Cuffed look against my spiked pump!

The skinny jean trend continues to stick around, but even the kids carrying it on are getting bored with it. I’m seeing lots of skinnies being subtly transformed into cuffed man capris. (Hilarious!) Ankles are getting lots of play lately, and these fashionable lads are coupling their cuffed cuts with a low-cut shoe, usually, but not always, worn sockless (the “socked” version is shown above, if you didn’t see it already).

I’m trying to scan my fashion history and see if i ever subscribed to this look….   Honestly, I don’t think so. Even on the beach I’d rather take the pants OFF or just wear shorts. But that’s just me, for now! I haven’t adopted this look, yet, however, I also thought I’d never wear metallic clothing either. Now I have 3 pairs of metallic silver shoes!

Where do you stand on the MAN CAPRI?

The one-legged option ... ?

Don’t forget to moisturize your….  those pronounced areas of the ankle area tend to develop a little flaky-layer-realness. Especially for those of us with advanced-melanin-realness. 😉

So…. I’m keeping it very brief this week. Those of you that can, get out and show those sexy ankles! Make an elderly gentleman blush and give your ankles some much needed vitamin D at the same time. It’s spring and the time to start showing  skin is NOW! Why not start from the bottom up?!

EXTREME cuffing


“Look How You Want To Feel”

See you next time




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