Dylan's Crystal Ball: Us vs. Them

The past few weeks with Anthony could have been the best of my life, but we have both acknowledged that we have shut ourselves off from the rest of the world.

It doesn’t actually matter to me, because as I’ve told you – I don’t really have too many friends.  I signed up to join the adult swim team, and I have missed the practices and qualifying swims since meeting Anthony.

To keep myself occupied while he makes drug runs, I decided I would get back into swimming. As a self-owned team, we elect a leader and do fundraisers to pay our way into the league.   Since I had helped raise my fair share of money, I knew they would let me back in.  Due to the fact that there is only one other person on the team who could keep up with me in the pool, I thought they would welcome me back with open arms… and they did.

Before going, I decided to call Charles to see if he had been practicing too.  You guys know Charles, because he’s the big bossman at GaySocialites.com.  We met through mutual friends, and we have definitely had a pretty rocky relationship over the years.  One thing that always outs us on common ground is the swim team. He is in fact the person I mentioned earlier who might be the only person on the team who could keep up with me.  He too admitted needing to hit the pool, so we decided to go to practice the following day.

After talking to Charles, I decided to do some man-scaping.  Although he and I are the only “out” swimmers on the team, I have seen a few of the others looking and despite having a new boyfriend I still want them to like what they saw.

While shaving my balls, I got a call from Anthony saying he ran into his best friend Alejandro tonight and wanted to know if he could come over tonight.  Although a bit wary since I’ve never heard of this best friend, I said it would be fine.  That’s not just because Anthony said Alejandro had some good GHB, but also because I want him to feel at home while he’s living here.

A few minutes after hanging up the phone, the door flung open and Anthony was standing right there with Alejandro. I was buck naked wiping the shaving creme off my balls and didn’t bother to try and cover myself since it was all already out in the open.  Alejandro said something in Spanish, and Anthony didn’t blink. He went straight for the counter and started pouring Gatorade in some cups to mix the GHB.  I quickly realized that Alejandro didn’t speak much English and there was no sence in me getting dressed as those two were also getting naked.  Anthony handed us each a drink and screamed slam.  We all downed our GHB, and then Anthony started making out with me, and I noticed his “best friend” was watching us while jerking off on my expensive couch.  It was clear that they were already buzzing, and it hit me quickly too.  The rest of the night resulting in fucking my new boyfriend and his “best friend” before passing out.  That’s generally not what happens to me, but people often do pass out when taking it.  That’s why they call it the date rape drug.  Alejandro was long gone by then, and Anthony said we had a pretty wild time and claimed I had only been sleeping “an hour or two”.

While showering to get ready for swim practice, Anthony accosted me in the bathroom going through a list of people who he said knew me but didn’t like me.  I knew most of them, and he told me it all came to light as Alejandro lived with one of them.

I left without really paying much attention to it, and I arrived at the pool to find that Charles either wasn’t there yet or wasn’t coming. It pissed me off, because I needed something to vent about.  Two things you may or may not know about Charles is that he is late for everything and he is as cold as his last name (Winters).  That meant he might still come rolling in, and he doesn’t give a shit if it pisses me off.

Our team captain informed me that they were going to put me on the relay team, because they thought having Charles and I both there meant we would win at least one gold at the upcoming meet.  After sitting there watching everyone else swim their scrimmage laps, I was told I would swim in spot four (just in front of Charles) and that this other semi-fast dude would fill in for Charles today.

As we lined up to swim, I could see the other two guys were scared to death and knew this would be their first meet. Ever. As the second turned to head back, I realized Charles and I need lifetime speeds to make this happen.  Once I hit the water I knew I was off to a great start and off the turn, I heard my team mates erupting.  As I popped out of the water, I looked up to see the 4th leg swimmer still standing there yet everyone was yelping and hollering.  That’s when I saw that Charles was off…

By the time Charles stopped the clock I was giddy–mainly because I knew he and I were going to get our chance to shine.  The swim captain asked us to run it a few more times to see if I should go in slot one or three. That gave me a chance to tell Charles about Anthony.

I probably wasn’t the best with my timing, because it occurred to me  just before I was to line up that Charles knows Anthony and isn’t “crazy about him.”

It didn’t take any time to get a reading in my crystal ball.  It’s clear that meeting one another’s friends was going to be an uphill battle for Anthony and I.  I tried not to let it bother me, but it was all I could think about.


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Written by Dylan Edwards

Dylan Edwards

Dylan is an op-ed contributor to GaySocialites.com. His pieces are controversial but fun… sometimes even educational.

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