Top Ten Q & A: Lisa Vanderpump

by Joshua Miller

Most of you know Lisa Vanderpump as the classiest of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But watch out! Lisa is coming to the largest gay dance music festival in North America – White Party Palm Springs, and, guess what? Producer Jeffrey Sanker will be crowing her QUEEN OF WHITE PARTY 2012!

Restaurateur, designer, actress, humanitarian, Lisa will also preside over and provide color commentary for the ‘White Carpet’ celebrity and VIP arrivals during Saturday night’s main event at the Palm Springs Convention Center

If you thought 2012 was going to be the end, Jeffrey has some news for you. It’s just the BEGINNING!  Jeffrey has an ALL STAR DJ Lineup and entertainers to make you scream this year including Saturday night headliner – Superstar Mary J. Blige!

I got a chance to catch up with Lisa and talk about her Gigolo, singing, and of course White Party!


Q. You seem to be the sanest out of all the cast members of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Who do you think is the most insane?

A. I would never talk badly about any of the girls, that’s just not who I am. I’ll let you and the viewers be the judge of that.


Q. In the last season, Cedric decided to “surprise” and/or “congratulate” you at the opening of SUR.  Do you think he would try that again at White Party Palm Springs?

A. If he shows up, I hope I will have 20,000 of my closest friends on my side.


Q. Why do you think the LGBT Community loves you so much?

A. I don’t think they necessarily love me. I’m just very supportive. I’ve owned a few gay bars over the years including Shadow Lounge in London and I think it’s really important that I use my heterosexual voice in supporting the LGBT community.


Q. What was your reaction when Jeffrey Sanker asked you to be “Queen of White Party 2012”

A. I’d be disappointed if he hadn’t. (laughing)


Q. How long will you be staying at White Party weekend? Will you be enjoying all that Palm Springs has to offer?

A. Long enough for my hangover to wear off.


Q. Will Giggy be making an appearance?

A. Giggy will come, but he probably won’t go to the party.  He is in very high demand right now.  His 20/20 interview was today and he’s been a CNN correspondent for the Royal Wedding and The Oscars!  He will be there!


Q. Would you consider yourself Giggy’s “Stage Mom”

A. First of all, I’m not his mother, I’m his mistress. His name is Giggy (short for Gigolo) and what we have is a wonderful love affair.


Q. Do you run your own Twitter account?  Will you be tweeting LIVE from White Party?

A. I do run my own Twitter account. I feel that my Twitter is very personal, and I don’t get paid to tweet things. I think that my followers would notice if it wasn’t me.


Q. Any chance of you performing a dance remix of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” LOL

A. They are welcome to play it, but I won’t be singing it! (laughing)


Q.  What is next for Lisa Vanderpump?

A. A LONG vacation.


Jeffrey Sanker and Vanderpump


White Party Palm Springs happens April 6-9, 2012. Stay up-to-date on all the latest White Party news and entertainment updates, purchase tickets online and book hotel accommodations at:


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