Whitney Houston Funeral: Bobby Brown leaves angry, others remember Whitney with love

After a 15 year volatile marriage, Bobby Brown said good-bye to his ex-wife Whitney Houston with a bang leavinge storming out of her funeral before the service even started.

Brown was seen entering the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, N.J.   on Saturday along with many other high profile guests such as Stevie Wonder, R. Kelly, Kevin Costner, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  The  difference is that  Bobby was also spotted storming out of the building a few minutes later before the service had even started.

Rev. Jesse Jackson said that Brown and his entourage of “four or five people” seated themselves in the front row.They were asked to move, Jackson said, but there wasn’t room at the invitation-only service to seat them elsewhere.  That’s when Bobby hit the road.

Later in the day, Brown was hoping to justify why he fled from the funeral.  According to his statement,  he and group were asked to move from their seats three times.  In addition to being without seats, Bobby says security inside the Newark church refused to let him near Bobbi Kristina, the daughter he shared with Houston.

“I doubt Whitney would have wanted this to occur,” Brown’s statement continued: “I will continue to pay my respects to my ex-wife the best way I know how.”

Al Sharpton originally attacked Brown’s actions by tweeting, “I spoke with Bobby Brown trying to calm him down and not distract from the services,” Sharpton wrote. “Today is about Whitney!”

Those who stayed for Houston’s funeral remembered the legendary entertainer’s  life with words from Kevin Cosner, songs and more.

As they carried Houston’s body out of the church, Cissy followed crying, “my baby” as “I Will Always Love You” played.

After the service was over, Sharpton softened his blow against Bobby.  He tweeted, “I don’t want anyone distorting Bobby Brown. He has shown love and respect today.  Stop hatin’.”

Written by Charles Winters

Charles Winters

Charles Winters is an online journalist, on-air personality and media developer from East Tennessee who resides in New York City. Winters is the founder, Chief Executive Officer at GaySocialites Media, the company that produces GaySocialites.com and queerplanet.net. You can e-mail him at charles@gaysocialites.com. You can read more about him on his Wikipedia page.

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