FASHION FOCUS: Whitney's Style

It is an understatement to say that Whitney Houston’s death has shaken communities across the nation, and the world…

My favorite Whitney look

I  remember when she first jumped up on the scene. She was a skinny girl with the tallest hair I’d ever seen and the biggest voice I’d ever heard. It was obvious that she was beautiful and talented. It took me a while, however, to notice her incredible style. Ultra feminine, always edgy, never afraid to push up the boobies or slide into the perfectly form-fitted dress, Whitney’s style is as iconic as that legendary voice.

In the 80s, I saw Whitney as many others did, larger than life. Her hair was voluminous, her smile was always dazzling (I’ll also add that I’ve ALWAYS wanted a set of teeth exactly like Whitney’s….wow, that smile), her songs were infectious and powerful, and her style was definitely over the top yet perfect for her.

I believe that “bold” would be another understatement. Hey, it was the 80’s and everyone was going for anything large. Large hair, shoulders, skirts, sleeves and more were all “in”. Some would say that the fashion moment we’re currently channeling is a nod to the 80’s.

Whitney was also consistently lady-like with her style. She always wore beautiful garments in striking colors. Whether it was a full-length gown or a mini-dress, she always got your eye. Even in a bulky leather jacket, a scoopneck white tee and a pair of jeans she would still exude femininity, charm, and sex appeal.


and I could be wrong, but I think Whitney L O V E D wearing boots….

OR…..  she could just throw on a track suit and a headband and teach many people the words to the national anthem (I know of people that never knew the words to “The Star Spangled Banner” before Whitney’s Super Bowl pre-game show performance).

Never one to disappoint a red carpet or awards show, whether you liked it or not, Whitney seemed to look perfect in just about anything she wore. Many will choose to focus on her troubles and the dark places of her life, thus picking apart her fashion “setbacks” (that was cute, right?) and criticizing her appearance during very difficult times in her life (and usually in transit at random times of day). That’s not my purpose, nor my focus. In this moment I celebrate her spirit and style, both of which were phenomenal.

Regardless of any circumstance, Whitney always looked good!

Impeccable fit, great silhouettes, nice textures, colors that not only looked good with her skin tone, but also popped for the enjoyment of all paying attention. When Whitney made an appearance, she put her best foot forward and enjoyed looking great. I could tell that she really loved fashion and took care to see that her choices were perfection.

I think this one has to tie for favorite Whitney look

The wound is still fresh from her passing. Many are still in shock. Clubs everywhere are doing musical tributes and performances. Tears are still being shed. Impossible to be forgotten, no longer here to feel downtrodden, serenading all the ones who we feel yet don’t see, will always be admired by someone like me….

Whitney, we will always love YOU!

Enjoy your new life Whitney… deserve a truly fresh start

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Written by Ricky Jones

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