TN's "Don't Say Gay Bill" advances despite student protests

As many other states are making strides in the gay rights movement for equality, some legislators in Tennessee don’t even want to hear it.  Legislation tagged as the “dont say gay bill” is one step closer to becoming a law despite protests from students.

Sen. Stacey Campfield is pushing a bill through the Tennessee State Legislature that prohibits elementary and middle-school teachers from discussing LGBT issues in the classroom..  This week, the “dont say gay bill” passed through the Tennessee House Education subcommittee; and it  already passed through the Senate.

From here, the bill heads to the House Education Committee as early as next week, and a ruling could be issued by the Tennessee State Legislature.   To show their opposition to the bill, many elementary and middle school students showed up in purple T-shirts in solidarity with LGBT kids who have committed suicide.

Written by Charles Winters

Charles Winters

Charles Winters is an online journalist, on-air personality and media developer from East Tennessee who resides in New York City. Winters is the founder, Chief Executive Officer at GaySocialites Media, the company that produces and You can e-mail him at You can read more about him on his Wikipedia page.

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