Editor-in-Chief's Roundtable: Remembering Whitney Houston

Hey y’all, I’m excited to announce our newest piece here at GaySocialites.com.  Each Monday, I will lead the “Editor-in-Chief’s Roundtable” where six contributors will answer six questions about one hot topic that should take up no more than six minutes of your very invaluable time!

In addition to my thoughts on the weekly topic, I’ll be joined by GaySocialites.com‘s Resident Diva Demanda Dahling and our CEO/ Editorial Director Charles Winters.  Each week will also feature three guests.  I’ll be inviting diverse guests who can bring a fresh opinion to the roundtable.  I’ll do my best recruit an impressive line-up of interesting characters that might include GaySocialites.com staff members, local celebrities, politicians, industry experts, homeless drag queens, cab drivers.. the options are endless, really!

I can’t guarantee that you’ll always agree with all of the opinions presented by my Editor-in-Chief’s Roundtable, but you’ll surely be entertained, enlightened and sometimes even educated.

Now, without further ado, let me introduce you to this week’s guest panelists who will join Demanda Dahing, Charles Winters and myself to reflect upon the life of entertainment legend and gay icon Whitney Houston.

This week’s three guest panelist all just happen to be on Team GaySocialites.com, and they all have ties to the music industry as well as strong opinions on pop culture.

They are: GaySocialites.com‘s Chief Information Officer Joshua Sean who is currently preparing to record his first single, GaySocialites.com music columnist and nightclub DJ, PhDJ and GaySocialites.com Music Monday columnist and Pop Music Mixologist Steve Sidewalk.

Let’s get to the discussion!

Question 1.  Which Whitney Houston will you remember most?

A) Being Ms Bobby Brown,  B) “Every Woman”, C)  Crack is Whack, D) The Bodyguard’s Babe

The Panel Responses:

  • Steve Sidewalk: The Bodyguard’s Babe
  • PhDJ: The Bodyguard’s Babe
  • Joshua Sean: The Bodyguard’s Babe
  • Demanda Dahling: Clearly crack
  • Charles Winters:  I don’t mean this negatively, as you can clearly tell I love Whitney Houston and respect her talent.  However, as the oldest person on the panel… I can’t get her saying “crack is wack” during that tell-all interview out of my head.
  • Thomas Bistritz: I fell asleep during The Bodyguard, but to me that’s synonymous with Whitney.

Question 2.  Who made the best leading man for Whitney Houston? 

A) Kevin Costner, B) Bobby Brown, C) Ray J, D) Clive Davis

Our Responses:

  • Joshua Sean: Clive
  • PhDJ: Clive Davis
  • Steve: Clive Davis
  • Demanda: Again, I come back to the crack, Bobby
  • Charles: Clearly Clive
  • Thomas: Davis, Clive Davis

Question 3.  What is your favorite Whitney Houston song?

The Panel’s Picks:

  • PhDJ: It’s a tie between “Love Will Save the Day” and “Oh Yes” or “Things You Say.” The latter two are both produced by Missy Elliott. I love “Love” for its joyousness, its message. I still spin the Jellybean mix of “Love” in my sets. It’s assured and cool in a way that she sounded on her “My Love Is Your Love” CD years later. I love the Missy Elliott productions because they’re both quiet and tender. I wish she and Missy had made an entire album together and pushed that vibe even further. Whitney was known (and rightly so) for her amazing belts (as in “I Will Always Love You”) but Missy brought out a quieter, intimate and sexy side to her voice.
  • Steve: “Its Not Right, but It’s Okay”
  • Joshua Sean: “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”
  • Demanda: “I’m Every Woman”, because I am
  • Charles:  This could seriously be the gayest panel in history!  Keeping with the trend, I’m calling it a toss up between “Your Love is My Love,” and “I Will Always Love You.”
  • Thomas: “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” Anyone?

Question 4.  Do you plan to see the Whitney Houston/Jordin Sparks movie Sparkle” set to be released this fall?

  • Steve: I saw Glitter, so I have to see Sparkle too.   Love my campy diva movies.
  • Joshua Sean:  I had planned to see it no matter what, but now I’d like to see it sooner than later.
  • PhDJ: Yes, I’m seeing “Sparkle” when it’s released. I still love the original film and am still sad that Aaliyah died before she could take the lead role that Jordin Sparks has in it. hahahahaha!! mmmhmm
  • Demanda: I’ll pass on the film but will join you for cocktails after
  • Charles: I think everyone should see Sparkle.  If it wasn’t on your radar before this weekend, then we should all soak up the last chance we have to see something new from Whitney Houston this fall.
  • Thomas: Nope.

Question 5.  Who is most likely to keep the legacy of Whitney Houston alive?

A) Her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, B) Sparkle co-star Jordin Sparks, C) Jennifer Hudson, who sang her tribute song at the Grammys,
D) Her cousin Dionne Warwick

The Panel’s Response:

  • PhDJ: Given Jennifer Hudson’s flawless tribute with part of “I Will Always Love You” at the Grammy’s, I’d say her
  • Steve: Jennifer Hudson! Amazing!
  • Sean:  I don’t like this question.  Jordin Sparks and Jennifer Hudson are two of my favorite artists, but I think we really need to give this one to Bobbi Kristina, right?
  • Demanda: Talent-wise, Hudson. Though I do see some sort of rehab foundation in her name being started by her daughter. I mean, doesn’t everyone have a foundation these days?
  • Charles: I’m like Sean, I think the nice thing to do here is to hope that Bobbi Kristina will figure out a way to keep her mom’s legacy alive.  However, it’s clear that Jennifer Hudson clearly has what it takes to carry the torch.  Let’s just call Cousin Dionne and ask her, she’s the psychic.
  • Thomas: Her music itself will keep her legacy alive.

And our final question: Do you believe that drugs were the cause for Whitney Houston’s death?

  • Steve:  Prescription drugs, probably.  They are so dangerous maybe even more so than street drugs.
  • Sean: I don’t really care to comment.  I just hope Whitney’s amazing career outshines her untimely death.
  • PhDJ: Yes, but it was accidental from what I understand.
  • Demanda: Drinking and drugging, my type of broad
  • Charles: I really hope not.  It isn’t how she should be remembered.  None of us are perfect.  We al; have struggles.  However, when it comes to musical talent, there will always only be one Whiteny Houston.
  • Thomas: Duh.

So, that wraps up our first Editor-in-Chief’s Round Table.  Join Demanda, Charles and I next Monday as we tackle six new questions, welcome three new guests and dish on one fabulous topic.

Written by Thomas Bistritz

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