Rumor has it Whitney Houston is broke

It looks like pop diva Whitney Houston might be broke!  Insiders tell the gossip website, Radar Online, that the gay icon has blown her vast fortune.

Possibly just as famous for her battle with drugs as she is for her music career, Houston is said to be living off of loans from friends and her record label.

“Whitney’s fortune is gone. Music industry heavy hitters are supporting her and her label is fronting her cash against her next album, but no one knows when that will be released,” a source told the portal.

“She might be homeless if not for people saving her. She is broke as a joke,” the source added.

Whitney’s rep has said that the stories of her financial woes are “ridiculous and not true” noting that she has a film title Sparkled that just she just finished shooting.

Written by Charles Winters

Charles Winters

Charles Winters is an online journalist, on-air personality and media developer from East Tennessee who resides in New York City. Winters is the founder, Chief Executive Officer at GaySocialites Media, the company that produces and You can e-mail him at You can read more about him on his Wikipedia page.

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