"City Nights" finds itself at 'This Ambitious Show'

Tucked away on a side street close to Metropolitan Avenue in an industrial section of Williamsburg, Brooklyn there lies a building that goes by the name of The House of Yes. While seemingly donning a name of an everything-goes speak-easy, this spot was home to an event presented by Lady Circus and This Ambitious Orchestra on Friday night: This Ambitious Show. If one is unfamiliar with such an event it could be labeled anything from a music revue to an acrobatics event and everything in between. One of the most enjoyable points of the night was I got “Doris Day-type parking.” That’s right… across the street. Another bonus for the venue is that you can pretty much bring in anything you want in regards to alcohol. Just be polite; let them know at the door and toss your bartender a few extra bucks for a tip. Don’t be such a cheapie, queen.

House of Yes does not boast as being simply a “gay” or “straight” event. Instead, they welcome all who have an interest in the art of performance. (Don’t lie. It can be tiring after awhile seeing the same twinks and bears in a club. So why not switch it up?) Go to an integrated show such as this and I promise that it’ll be well remembered as no one has a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude and could care less what you do or who you’re doing behind closed doors.

Our entertainment that evening was backed beautifully by This Ambitious Orchestra which consists of so many various instruments and players that I didn’t get the chance to count. Benjamin Ickies conducted the band all the while breaking out in song and dance with the lovely ladies of Lady Circus. The variety of acts for This Ambitious Show included Anya Sapozhnikova ‘toe-climbing’ (I shit you not) a thick rope from floor to ceiling. Ow, indeed! Eric Schmalenberger insanely dressed as a cockroach and sung a number to one of the girls across one stage to another. (He tapped danced too)

The set-up of the event was a little chaotic due to such a small, narrow space (with high ceilings) but one could tell that these men and women knew their roles, played them perfectly, and made use of the venue they were provided. This all culminated with a grand finale having the ladies dangling from the ceiling in sheets while the male performers doused the audience with thick, white confetti. It was a gay ol’ time. And see, you thought this was gonna be strictly a hetero event.

Photos courtesy Michael Blase

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Written by Kevin Novinski

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