Live at the 2011 Glammy Awards in New York City with Demanda Dahling

[LIVE BLOGGING started at 10:40 pm EST]’s Demanda Dahling is at the 2011 Glammy Awards in New York RIGHT NOW!  Here is her live report:

Demanda is on the scene, yesss….

Hostess Bianca del Rio is on FIIIIRE!

Sherry and Epiphany are opening the show doing Cabaret.

First category, presenter Dina Marie…. It’s Go-Go Boy of the Year!  And the winner is… Go-Go Harder.

Next is the category in which our bossman is nominated.

Will Charles Winters win Best Writer/ Blogger (finally)??? NO! Once again, the winner Michael Musto. Booooooo!

Ok, Mary Joe Cameltoe just won something, but I didn’t hear the category.

Another performance???  Mary Thomas? Ok…

EEek, My ears are burning… all over my white face… great!

Lady K is here!  Looking hotttt! in ze house!!!

My ears are killing me from the performances!

Look, it’s Mike Diamond and he has a camera…. brb!

Sorry, I had to do an interview with Mike Diamond… face time is valuable my friends.

While I was gone…

Bianca del Rio won the comedy category.

Best Club, Industry…

I think I missed one, but whatevs… I was downstairs doing an interview with Mike Diamond.

Manila Luzon is performing now, semi poorly.  She is clearly not a vocalist, just saying :/ The first loser from Drag Race?

Johnny Sanford is here looking hot in StudMuffin NYC by Kyle Brincefield.

Oh no, Cherry Jubilee looks like she’s in major K-hole!

Gusty Winds is presenting the dancer award.  She says she as sadly omitted from this category.  And the winner is… Logan Softcore… wearing a hitted moo moo.  Well, bath towel, I think… not sure.

Oh more winners…

Vocalist- Joey Arias

Bartender- Mary Jo

Now Lady Bunny is performing…. We love rabbit fur! Her hair looks like Bark Place Grooming Salon made a mistake! [cheap plug]

This show is 3 hours too long!!!!

Some queens from Drag Race are presenting… yawwwn!

Promoter – Forbiano Voss…. pretty boys ain’t that fun!

Cazwell looks cute…. Yum!

And the winner for Best Host is… Bianca del Rio, surprise, surprise!!  Obviously all of the hosts are racking up [From the World Headquarters: the Glammy’s are hosted by Bianca del Rio, Michael Musto and Amanda LePore]!!  Cherry K-Hole needs to pick better winners next year…

Now Dallas Dubois is performing!  She’s my favorite queen!  She makes me giddy!! Huge fan of Dallas!  she is ribbon performing from the ceiling [From HQ: please define….] That means she’s swinging from the ceiling on ribbons, duh!

Thank God she did that, because the song she did was putting me into zzzzzzz’s!

Eddy Barena is presenting next, who the fuck is that?

Oh… and Tyler Stone. They’re presenting best door person.

And the winner is… Thorgy!  Well deserved!

Thorgy says, “It’s good to be thin.  Thank you!”

It’s time for the best dressed award.  And the winner is….

Amanda Lepore? She doesn’t wear clothes!!! Shammy!!!

[From HQ: All three of the hosts have now won awards.]

And the DJ of the Year Award goes to….

Yep!  It’s Johnny Dynell.  Love him!

Keo Nazari and Devin Stone are up to present next.  Devin looks gorgeous!  Keo is not showing up… wait, there he is!

And the winner for Best Photographer is… Jeff Eason… shammy!

Up next is Best Male Performer….

Where is King Ralphy’s nomination? I didn’t hear his name?

And the winner is Cazwell! Sha-sha-sha-shammy!

Sir Honey Davenport is performing now.  Love him, her, it…

GREAT PERFORMANCE!  Queens take note, that’s how you do it!

Someone just ask me a strange question… No sir! I am not a tranny! I am a crowd pleaser.

Six awards to go! Ay dios mio!

Daniel Nardicio is presenting the next award… sleezerific!  He’s along side Dorothy Bishop, my friend!

Best Party goes to…. F-Word…. what?! Ok, Cherry Jubilee fell into her K-hole as she was picking that one.  Geesss…

Ari Gold is performing now, and I just spotted Andy Radio holding a microphone!  Here comes another interview… brb.

[HQ: she better be saying a lot during all these interview breaks!]

I am! I am!  Andy Radio asked me who I was rooting for, and I said ‘Charles Winters, because he’s my boss!”

[From Charles: Awwww, that’s my girl.  At least there was one person who I won’t  make cry this week!]

Fifi DuBois is rocking my world!  Gorgeous!

She says she wants to gobble me up like a rice krispie treat… is that a racist joke?

Backspace is performing now.  They are incredible, so fantastical!

Krystal Something-Something is the nicest bitch in nightlife!

They are making my crotch tingle! Yes!  T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-turn me out!

Up next, it’s the Breakthrough Artist category.  And the winner is… Thorgy!

Dougie Meyer looks good! 🙂 So sweet.

Nightlife event is up next.

I wanted to be nominated in here.  This is my category! Demanda is an event!

But the winner is… Arias with a Twist!!  Basil is accepting, because Joey is in Chicago.

“Welcoming….. The girls from…. ” Bianca screetched. “The girls from Xelle!”

Oh, it’s Mimi Imfat and her posse.

Honey Van Voast, nominee for best nightlife photographer, is topless and looking great!

Xelle is actually good!! I think? Or Am I drunk?

[HQ: both]

Mimi is on duracell… or crack…

It’s about time…  The Final Award.  Entertainer of the Year! The Big One…

And the award goes to….

Bianca del Rio?


Same Glammy’s… different ole drunk!  Thanks to Cherry Jubiwhat for a wonderful evening of putting nightlife royalty in one room for just a moment.

Now donde esta mi drink ticket?!

[Live blogging ended at 12:20 AM]

Written by Charles Winters

Charles Winters

Charles Winters is an online journalist, on-air personality and media developer from East Tennessee who resides in New York City. Winters is the founder, Chief Executive Officer at GaySocialites Media, the company that produces and You can e-mail him at You can read more about him on his Wikipedia page.

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